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[QUOTE=uniondiva;3637305]I just got off the phone with the nurse at my PCP. My blood count is low (6.00) and my other count ( I don't remember which ) is at 2.5.

She says my b12 is within normal which is 225 but I feel like crap. I have asked for a referral to a hematologist because last week when i went to see him he suggested I take a multi , after I explained i was tranfused last summer and have had gastric bypass which makes me high risk. I also told him I fainted last week.... OMG, I have an appointment on Friday.

I cannot even walk upstairs at this point without being exhausted. I have the tongue sensitivity and other symptoms...

Please help me know what to do when I see him Friday and how to get an immediate appt with Hemo before I fall out somewhere..:confused:[/QUOTE]

uniondiva--Welcome to the board:)! Humm..........where do we begin. Your a little more complicated because you are a GB patient and that ='s malabsorption. You said that you were transfused last yr., I suppose that you mean blood transfusion?? People say trans-- instead of Iron Infusion regarding IV iron so I wasn't sure. Your blood count of 6 which I think you mean Hgb is extremely low and my doctor said that he would blood transfuse me under 7.0. I think that your Ferritin, iron stores is 2.5. Does your PCP think that it is fine to wait until you see the Hematologist? I would at least call the new Hematologist and ask if it is okay to wait, and tell them your counts and SYMPTOMS, if they don't know that already. Not to scare you but it can be dangerous to be walking around so low. I also hate to say it but your doctor has no clue if he is telling you to take a multivitamin in your situation. Perhaps your not absorbing iron supplements at all? There can also be more than one reason for anemia and that too should be ruled out by the Hematologist. Usually GB patients are the ones that do receive IV iron. My sister has had this SX also and she takes an oral iron Foltrin, but it also has Vit C, IF and B-12 in it along with the iron. Speaking of B-12, do you always take or give your own shots monthly, I ask because your B-12 is low and you should already have been on this therapy since post op. Although your B-12 is in normal range it is not really so optimal. I would say that 400 and up would be just okay. Most people are 600-800 and up. This is why your tongue hurts along with other symptoms, I'm sure. At this point I don't know if I'm babbling or helping:D. First I would call the Hematologist. When my husband called for me, they understand these things and they got me in the next day and I was an 8.5 Hgb and 2 ferritin. Second, the Hematologist will know what to do in your case, they are extremely experienced in this. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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