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Hi FLFLOWERGIRL - i think a lot of us can totally understand what it's like going to a doctor and practically knowing more or having a better understanding. I think if your doctor doesnt balk at the word "internet" then you're onto a winner :D You are sounding much happier though and i'm glad to hear that your hair has stopped shedding and you feel resonably ok.

Even with better ferretin levels and being on thyroid meds, you are bound to feel more tired on certain days. I think people with thyroid conditions tend to feel rundown or fatigued much sooner than people with a healthy thyroid. The muscle aches and pains are also associated with the thyroid, but not every single person experiences that.

A lady over on the thyroid board ran some great information threads which she started off back in may 2008. She would give each week a new theme. I can't believe the amount of information she knows on the topic. Things came up i had never even heard of or known of before. It totally amazed me just how much of an effect the thyroid can have on a person. It also surprised me how little or how much certain doctors are willing to do for their patients. Some simply stick a person on some T4 and off you go. Others check the adrenals and anything else that could possibly be associated with the thyroid.

You asked about my doctor. As you know, my low ferretin was resolved by a Trichologist as i couldn't get a gp to help me sufficiently or take my symptoms seriously. The Trichologist discovered my Hashimoto's too and as that was out of his actual area of expertise he referred me on to somebody he knew at a University. I'm not sure what this doctor at the University is, whether he is a professor or something else. All i know is that he wants thyroid patients. I did ask if i had gone to an actual Endo whether he would have done all the tests which i had to go through and he said it's not "normal procedure".

I don't care what his title is. All i know is that he has helped me soooo much. He pinpointed everything prior to starting me off on meds as he believes it's pointless being on meds if something else is wrong as well. He feels everything should be addressed. I did a liver test later on which showed that my liver is filtering everything ok, but my phase 2 liver detox area (where it wraps up all the rubbish and sends it out via the kidneys, bowel etc) is not working the best. This will affect the thyroid too. I'm taking Glycine powder after meals or he said milk thistle is just as good too.

I love visiting him as it's such an adventure. I get to learn and feel that i'm moving ahead, rather than butting my head against a wall (which as you know i've been doing for virtually 7 years!!!). I'm quite happy to share the experience and if i can help just one other person out then that is a big bonus. The people on this board have helped me so much. It's this board that has given me the help and knowledge to reach a positive result :)

If the iron supplement you are on now is working, i agree, why change it. I only changed mine due to changing doctors (old iron supplement was only available through my old doctor) and swallowing one pill is easier than mixing the powder i was on before. If this new one doesn't do the trick then i'll have to either go back to the old one or try a new one. I'd say it must work as i've been on the enzymes for ages now. Having more enzymes and digesting protein must contribute to my iron surely. To think before taking the enzymes i was eating loads more meat, eggs etc to boost my iron and it was all for nothing. Can't wait till next week :D

You take care and will post new results next week :)

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