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Hi Littlebird - Sorry i can't comment on your T3 and T4 levels as my lab uses different ranges compared to what you have given eg: my T3 was 4.6 pmol/L and the range is 2.5 - 7.2. The figure you quoted for yours was 36 so i'd say your lab uses a different numbering system. You should post your figures and the range, precisely as it states on your test results, over on the thyroid board. There are loads of people to give you help.

Low ferretin might not give off symptoms for "some" people, but as we are all individuals and susceptible to things in varying ways, these so called "experts" should not be pigeon holing everybody into the same box. Both my Trichologist and my thyroid doctor want my ferretin up to 125 if possible or at least over 100. There are a lot of reasons for this, but if you want to read what my Trichologist says, you can look it up on the net. His name is Tony Pearce and if you add in Trichologist you shouldn't have difficulty finding various information on iron and the benefits to the body on having a specific level of iron.

There might not be anything "noticeably" wrong with a person who has short term low iron, but for us who have it long term and it drops extremely low, we are the ones who are feeling the smorgasboard of symptoms. Throw in another undiagnosed illness such as an undiagnosed thyroid condition or even gluten intolerance and it makes it all so much worse.

Speaking of gluten intolerance, have you had a blood test to determine how well you tolerate gluten? On the thyroid board quite a number of people appear to have some form of gluten intolerance, poor absorbtion of iron and vitamin d. I highly doubt it's a coincidence. My gluten intolerance comes up positive on my test results, but not way off the charts. My thyroid doctor said to lower my intake of gluten products, but i don't have to precisely eliminate gluten 100% from my diet at this point.

My ferretin kept dropping slowly with each yearly blood test i had. My problem was that i didn't know how to interpret blood test results. I simply thought if your results for EVERYTHING came back "within range" then you were fine. My doctor kept saying i was ok, all was ok. So as my doc was the one with the degree, why should i concern myself. How wrong was i.

So my ferretin keeps dropping, i had an undiagnosed thyroid problem, i was tired, unmotivated, depressed, hair shedding, messed up monthly cycles, couldn't fall pregnant. Best my GP could do was say, "it's stress, go on birth control". Over the next few years i did loads of research on and off these boards and armed myself with a tonne of new knowledge.

Lucky they caught my ferretin when it was at an 8 and not lower. The over the counter iron supplements i firstly used didn't help as the dosage was way too low, doctors still were not interested in my hair shedding and my monthly cycles, so that is when i shopped around for a Trichologist. He has a chemist who works in conjunction with him and formulates various pills and powders for various things. He put me on some high powered iron powder which included other ingredients eg: B group vitamins, folic acid, non acidic vitamin C, lysine and other things i dont remember now. It took me another year to get my ferretin up to 61. I then slackened off and only took my iron 2 or 3 times per week. By my next blood test my ferretin had dropped again by a few points. This showed something was causing poor absorbtin of iron via my diet/digestion.

I then found out there is a connection between poor absorbtion of iron and other things eg: vitamin D and iodine, for thyroid sufferers. The higher your iron the better it is for your thyroid too, but if you are on T4 meds you should not take your iron with your T4, you should leave it at least 2 hrs before or after.

Good luck with your hemotologist visit next week. It's awful doing the rounds with the doctors but then again you can't sit back and not do anything. In time it will all sort itself out, but unfortunately that's the hard part as it does take a lot of "time".

Take care and best wishes :)

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