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I joined this board earlier this year after battling with anemia for a few months. Everything seemed to be getting better after 3 months of iron injections. My levels were holding fairly steady even without any additional iron supplements. I was FINALLY feeling good the first week of May.

I had one last iron check the end of May before I relocated to a new state (to Kansas from Arizona) and got a call from my doctor telling me that my iron levels were dropping rapidly. I got one last iron injection before I left the state and now 6 weeks later, I've gotten settled in and am looking for a doctor.

Here's the problem...

I can't get anyone to take this seriously. I keep getting told that it is because of heavy periods that my iron levels are so low. This is the answer I am getting from a hematologist as well as the new doctor I saw today as my primary physician. This is the answer I'm getting despite the fact that I have specifically told them I haven't had a heavy period since last November!!

My hair is falling out by the handfuls, I feel like crap about 85% of the day, I'm not able to work full-time, I'm always worn out, I'm nauseous, and now my legs and arms are getting the 'restless leg' syndrome again. The only symptom I'm not having yet are the massive ice cravings. I'm right back where I was a year ago and I'm frustrated! My attitude stinks as right now I feel like I could go to bed and never get up and I wouldn't care. If it weren't for the fact that I have 3 little kids that need me, that is exactly what I would do (I think).

The bottom line answer I got today is to take OTC iron 700mg a day and do this for 3 months. If I'm not feeling better by then, I should come back and have my blood tested and then make a decision on whether to have a hysterectomy at that point. WHAT!?!?!? This has nothing to do with my periods!?!?!?!? I canít get them to see past the fact that Iím female and listen to me when I say ďIím not having heavy periodsĒ. Iím getting this from both a female doctor and a male doctor! On top of that, I donít know that I can go another 3 months feeling like this. My levels 6 weeks ago were Hemoglobin 12.3, Hematocrit 36.3 (both low normal); iron 30 (down from 75 1 month prior); TIBC 295 (not too bad yet); % Sat 10 (down from 29 1 month prior); ferritin 16 (still normal). Who knows how much worse they are at this point because they wouldn't run the tests again.

Does anyone have ANY advice for me on how to find someone who will help or what I can do to feel better?!?!?!

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