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[QUOTE=jlh1002;3643815]Posted this on the women's health area as well but I would appreciate any opinions from those of you that have experienced anemia due to heavy monthly bleeding. I have severe bleeding each month, which has gone on for many years. My Ferritin is at 17. I am taking iron supplements but my endo indicated that they may not make a huge difference if I continue to bleed so heavy each month. After several ultrasounds to rule out major issues, I am now considering an ablation to hopefully stop my periods.

For those of you that went through this process, did it stop you bleeding? How was the recovery. Wondering if I am just better off doing a hysterectomy instead (I am 43 and done with kids).

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks![/QUOTE]

I had an ablation 1 yr ago June due to moderate anemia 8.5 hgb and a 2 ferritin. I can happily report that this is one of the best things that I have done for myself. I had a lot of monthly bleeding (thought that it was normal for me) and 7 polyps that were not showing on the transvaginal US, so they were found at the time of my procedure and removed. My GYN thinks this is the cause of my heavy periods. It has cut my 3 day period down to 1 day of light spotting. I could get away with using nothing at all, but do for good hygiene. What a relief! The recovery time and the procedure were a ~piece- of- cake~ for me. The day of the surgery is really the only time that you need to recover. You can't lift heavy things for a few days after. I did have heart palpitations due to my anemia and cramping from the polyps mostly, but nothing advil couldn't handle. There was a slight watery discharge and light spotting for a couple weeks afterwards and I was done with it. I am 47 yrs of age and do not want a hysterectomy at this time. I was told if it didn't work then I had to have a hysterectomy. My ablation was a great success. Oh! I almost forgot I've recently started getting migraine headaches that I have never had before. Rarely would I ever get a headache before, perhaps it is a peri or meno symptom as a result of ablation. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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