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jlh1002, I am happy being on Microgestin FE for the time being to control my periods (which have put me in a perpetual state of false pregnancy so I haven't had a period since March even though I stop for the 7 days every month). My GYN says it's fine. My PCP says she would not keep me on the pill for too long at my age.

I am going to wait until my annual gyn/PAP exam next January and discuss ablation at that time. For now, I view this year as the year to get over my anemia and get that nasty part of my life behind me. I can't express in words to you how much better I feel. I can walk up the hill behind my house without nearly passing out. How did I live like that and think it was normal?

FLFLOWERGIRL, as a migraine sufferer for many years I think your sudden onset could be hormonal. My best friend has these kinds of migraines. But also explore orthopedic causes. It turns out my sudden migraines were caused by a pillow I got very attached to getting old and worn out. The migraines would happen at any time not just when I woke up so this never occurred to me that it might be my pillow. I have always had one shoulder slightly lower then the other and the combination of that and an old pillow (or the wrong pillow) would set me up for a migraine. I know now if I feel like I am going into a migraine cycle to sleep on a buckwheat pillow for a few nights. I also switched to a trackball on the computer because that's the side of my low shoulder Just one idea.

The good news is, the hormones in the pill have not made my migraines worse, which I worried about.
ChickieLou--Thanks for you thoughts. Yes, I couldn't agree more myself about hormones and migraine. I'm sure that it is related to my ablation. I think I'll call that doc and see what she says. I have been quite lucky not to have suffered with headaches and migraines before. My husband has migraines which have to be controlled through prophylactic care. Therefore, both of my children have inherited this pattern as well. They have special meds to abort them which I have tried and they do not touch this type of headache/migraine. It works great if it is a different type though. My daughter says it does nothing for her PMS one's either. I can't take advil because of my stomach. This last month I took 2 extra strength Tylenol and it bothered my stomach too. I use a cervical ice pack and that helps a great deal. I don't know what else I can do other than ask the doc for a script of something else maybe Toradol which they probably won't give. Any suggestions? FLFLOWERGIRL:)
FLFLOWERGIRL, I guess I am fortunate in that I take Advil during these cycles and can knock it back before I get to the really sick, urping stage. And I may be kidding myself with the neck thing because both my mother and sister get the aura-type migraines. I get the classic type and the reason I think it might be my neck and shoulder is that my husband (though quite lame at it) or my massage therapist can rub certain spots on my neck and shoulder and ward it off entirely.

My best friend who gets the hormonal type swears by Imitrex but she still gets them unfortunately.

The potential for the ablation to cause them has me very curious. I was wondering if having an ablation would help my estrogen imbalance or have any effect at all on hormones because the Pill is currently helping my hormones. That part is sort of nice about the Pill. But as I said I am looking into an ablation next year. In your experience, do you feel the ablation has had any other effects (other than migraine) on hormones?
ChickieLou--Thanks for the info. Truly, I'm afraid to try Imitrex. My DH tried it and it made his much worse but he's a whole different story. I just don't do well with meds at all. When they gave me BP meds when I was anemic it made my stomach hurt really bad. The doctor didn't believe me, he thought it was the iron and I argued my point but didn't get far. I have to do something maybe it will have to be advil but then that can cause bleeding and we know where that leads........

I really think that the ablation caused my migraines. I do need to follow up and ask the doc, I'm sure she will say it's peri menopause LOL. I don't think that she will say she has caused it. I have read that by having an ablation, it's a trade off of new symptoms. No longer anemic, but immediate peri menopause/menopause or early menopause including symptoms. Also, it can hide a newly forming cancer and can hide until advanced stages before being discovered. You know I didn't research this before I had it done because (I was too ill) andI was not having a Hysterectomy, this was my alternative. I was told I had to stop the blood loss or else so I did it. It's still the best thing (even with the migraines, which might have come on anyway because of my age LOL) that I have done in a long time for myself. I am still all for ablations!!!! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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