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AudreyB--You sound a little like how I was feeling the last time I had my ferritin checked. I just knew from my past 2 lab values that mine was going to be at least as high as yours, but that wasn't the case. Although you sound really, really, good to me even if you are only half way there. I don't like to think of only half way. My doctor's tell me I'm there LOL. I agree with you, if the other iron was working I would stick with what works, I think you just told me that. I often think that I should try something else too but then I remember the bad S/E's and I'm scared. I know one thing I really absorbed ferris sulfate well, it was incredible the rate of absorption. So that makes me wonder what my doctors really know about malabsorption. Perhaps the type of iron that I take is not that great for absorption just 100% great at no GI effects. Anyway, 3 months is a long time to wait for test results and then they are a surprise to you.

Audrey, something that I do wonder about, I know that everyone has a different level of ferritin in the wonderful ferritin range that is normal for them. I also know that I read the ferritin increases depending on how badly the body needs or uses it up. I wonder if ours isn't just slow due to not being anemia and not much blood loss. Maybe it's just going to be slow for us. My son was tested because of the Hemochromatosis in the family and his ferrritin was only 50 and males have a higher ferritin than females. Seems like it would be the other way around. He is a healthy young male without blood loss. He doesn't eat red meat. Unfortunately they were raised this way by me. I'm trying not to worry so much about my ferritin but I really wish that I would have had a baseline before I became ill. I think that you said you had a baseline long ago, I'm not sure???? I have 6 months until I hit my 2 year mark. I'm glad your still here to help others like myself, but wish you didn't have to be. I would like to know how the new supplement they are starting you on works out for you and how you do with it. Be well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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