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flowergirl2day - you wont over do it by eating lots of fruit and vegetables as they are healthy. If you are trying to lift your ferretin you will most definitly need an iron supplement which already contains vitamin C or you will need to buy vitamin C to take with it.

I knew this, but as my ferretin had gotten reasonably high i thought taking the iron tablets and eating an orange or a meal containing foods which had vitamin C in them would be sufficient. Obviously not in my case.

You are aware also that certain foods or vitamins should not be taken with your iron supplements? eg: zinc will hinder iron absorbtion as will calcium and caffeine, so take your iron well away from those types of things.

Like others have said, getting your ferretin retested will eliminate the possibility of it getting too high without you knowing. My doctor would retest me every 3 months. If you have absorbtion problems and your ferretin takes forever to climb, i'd say the chances of it getting dangerously high without you knowing it are zero.

Don't spend years trying to fix your ferretin. If it's not climbing steadily and you are on a reasonably high dosage each day, i'd start looking into what could be causing your low ferretin. There are many reasons, but the trick is finding the cause.

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