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I agree with ChickieLou, a lot of us have learnt via trial and error what works and what doesn't. What works for one might not necessarily work for another.

I started off on your typical over the counter iron tablets which constipated me so i stopped taking those. I have heard since then that you can buy something additional to take to soften your stools.

I then found a new doctor who put me on a rather strong iron powder. It gave me irritable bowel. He then got me to take Iron Phosphate alongside the iron powder and this stopped the IBS and i never looked back.

If you are starting off on a rather strong dosage of iron i would advise you to start off on a smaller dose and build up the dosage so your system gets used to it.

Once you find a supplement which suits you and you have been taking it for a month or so you should get your ferretin tested. Sometimes at the start people find that their ferretin is a little slow at climbing, but if your ferretin has not moved or not moved hardly at all, especially after a second or third blood test, there is every chance your body is not absorbing iron due to something else which is going on eg: extremely heavy periods, internal bleeding, gluten intolerance, thyroid condition. It took me 2 years to get my ferretin to 61 and that is due to finding out this year that i have a thyroid problem. That is why everybody on this board would advise you, if your figures aren't steadily climbing, something else is going on.

Another thing which seems to occur to a lot of people who are not absorbing iron readily is that they are also not absorbing other things eg: vitamin D, iodine, B12, zinc.

You should take your iron supplements 2hours either side of drinking caffeinated drinks or taking zinc or calcium tablets/products. Certain foods, vitamins, minerals actually inhibit iron absorbtion while certain things will help absorb iron. You can look that up on the net.

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