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Audrey, :)

[QUOTE]If you have anemia, cholesterol and kidney problems do you also have a thyroid problem? I believe kidney disease is also an autoimmune disease as are thyroid problems. It's not uncommon for people who have thyroid issues to have elevated cholesterol and blood pressure among other issues.[/QUOTE]

thank you for your informative post. My TSH is within normal limits. I know that this alone is not an indicator of a good thyroid function and other tests, such as a freeT3, are needed. I assume the thyroid function is OK since my neck looks normal. I am not sure what the symptoms of a dysfunction are, but attribute my constant arm and hand tingling on both sides to possibly a deficiency in some mineral or vitamin, or an excess of the same. But really, to be honest, I don't know why I have it. I've had it for some time now (months). Can low iron cause the tingling and numbness? You mentioned Omega3s and fish oil. I take fish oil supplements daily. They are essential to our health and easier to consume than frequent servings of fish :)


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