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Trixibel - Noticed you take Ferro-Grad F, is that the one that doesn't contain vitamin C? as i've now got the Ferro-Grad C and it has 500mg vitamin C and 325 mg dried ferrous sulphate and is much more than the 25mg in the one you are taking. When levels are low people often find they need a higher dosage as too low a dosage often doesn't do enough. Vitamin C is also necessary to help absorb the iron.

Did your sister actually say her husband's ferretin was 770? or was she referring to something else to do with iron? It also depends on lab ranges. Maybe the lab which processed his tests uses a different range. Ferretin can get up to 125 without causing dramas and that is my doctors goal for me. I think when it gets somewhat over 125 that they begin to worry, not sure how much over.

Apparently people of Celtic origin are predisposed to having higher ferretin levels naturally and it is genetic. They should not be taking iron supplements without having their levels tested first or they will get iron overload.

I'm in Australia too and yes meat can be very expensive. Sausages, unless you buy the expensive ones which contain real meat are fine, but 'snags' are basically rubbish and contain no real nutritional value at all. I would only buy them to have once in a blue moon, not as something to be included as a regular meal. Mince is ok, but depending where you go they use old/expired meat, dip it in a preservative which makes it look fresh and red again and then mince it. What i find is the best thing to do is check out meat prices at various places. I never buy my meat at Coles or Woolworths these days as their prices are so inflated, although Woolworths seem to have their specials on a monday evening so maybe you could stock up then. Not sure which day/night Coles have their specials on. I have found a couple of butcher's shops who do certain quality cuts of meat much cheaper than the big super markets. If you have red meat roughly 3 nights per week and then have white meats and fish the rest of the nights you should be fine.

It's not just the iron you are getting from meat, it's a host of other vitamins and minerals. If you can't afford meat or choose to go semi vegetarian you need to include nuts and pulses in your diet. My naturopath told me that eating almonds, brazil nuts and cashews together equates to the same protein level as in a meat dish. You can buy a spread containing these nuts to put on sandwiches. You can find this in the healthfood section of any Coles or Woolworths supermarkets.

The protein you get in meat is also important as protein is needed for your hair, skin and nails, for your thyroid function and for your liver, for your metabolic rate, pretty much for everything. I'd be getting my protein and cutting out something else unecessary in my life as your health is the most important thing.

You will likely find you wont be able to do much exercise till your ferretin gets much higher as you don't have sufficient iron stores and therefore not enough oxygen in your blood and this is why you tire so easily. I'd leave out the exercise until your levels get a bit higher and reserve the energy for other things.

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