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Re: Low Ferratin
Jul 20, 2008
When my ferretin was at 8 i just thought i was tired due to my job being hectic. I don't know how i got through my weekdays, but on weekends i'd be tired on waking and after eating breakfast i couldn't even make it to my bedroom to get dressed and i'd have to lay down on the sofa on the way just to regain some energy. That exhaustion lifted once i got my levels somewhere into the 20's, but i was still very tired. It wasn't until i got into the 30's and 40's that i felt noticeably better to the point i could do some exercise.

Even though i felt better, my doctor wanted me to get my ferretin much higher. Once i got it to 61 i still felt tired and began feeling like i'd been hit by a bus and was very foggy in the head. This was when they found out my adrenal function wasn't good and i also had a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's.

Unless you have a poor diet or you are excluding meat from your diet, you should look into why your ferretin levels have ended up so low, especially if you have been on iron supplements between 1 - 3 months and your levels haven't moved hardly at all. That is a sign you are not absorbing iron well and that your iron is a symptom of some other condition eg: extra heavy periods, internal blood loss, thyroid condition or gluten intolerance. Quite often people who find it hard to absorb iron find that they are low in other vitamins and minerals. Often you read of people who are low in vitamin D or in B vitamins, particularly B12. In my case i don't retain iodine so that has to get tested regularly unless i'm on iodine drops.

For now, forget about your doctor's theory. He/she is not living in your body and doesn't know how you are feeling. A lot of people on here have been told by their doctors that their ferretin level would not be making them tired or they push you to go on antidepressants. Low iron symptoms have a varied range, some of the symptoms might be solely to do with the low iron and disappear once your numbers raise. Sometimes the symptoms are due to low iron AND something else which is going on. Don't forget that it will also differ from person to person as we're all individuals.

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