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Okay I have had low ferritin for years, but haven't done much, resisted iron due to side effects. Last nov/dec 07 I got some answers from reading about my hypothyroidism/Hashi's ( hx=15 yrs) and how it can cause low ferritin, etc. I learned that I don't convert T4 to T3 and switched from synthetic T4 to Armour. I also found out I have adrenal fatigue. I learned that having a thyroid problem means I may have some vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I started taking Adrenal Support, B's vitamins, magnesium, zinc, Wilsons Adrenal Stress Formula, Vit C, sea salt, floradix, sublingual ferrous sulfate (may stop- it is staining teeth), Iodoral, hydrocortisone, Vit D, fish oil. I feel SOOOO much better, except:

significant hair loss and continued poor tolerance to exercise. I had labs done a couple of months ago and ferritin did not budge. I am thinking it is due to poor absorption. This is why we got a RX for sublingual iron-but now I think it is staining my teeth. I am thinking of adding Betaine to help with absorption. Sound right?

Any input? Oh and I take C with my floradix. I may switch to Proferrin ES although that made me bloat- could that mean poor absorption? Would taking Betaine help. I am desperate to get my levels up. I hope to get in next week to draw labs. How many days to I stop the iron to get accurate test? 3 days? Any other labs that would be helpful? I think I have a lot covered with the supplements. I use to only take levoxyl, now I take lots and feel so much better. This ferritin has me stumped though. I would love to STOP losing hair, it is scary.

FLFLOWERGIRL - I rarely pamper myself like i suggested in my post as there always seems to be something else more important to do, so it only ends up being a 2 or 3 times a year thing. If i do anything it might be a quick exfoliation, throw on a mud mask and let it set while i'm doing ironing or something else mundane, then i forget to wash it off and it's dried on so well that it takes forever to wash the darn thing off and only stresses me out more with all the effort it takes. I then need a lie down to get over the entire exercise LOL :D Seriously though, i think we'd all be a lot better if we did treat ourselves to a little self indulgence on a regular basis. My self indulgence is more like what you did........SHOPPING :)

Great idea ChickieLou - one of the ladies over on the thyroid board actually did go back to school after having to do most of her own research on her illness. I think her doctor is employing her as an assistant (can't recall actually what she'll be doing or what course she did). However, i too couldn't face the thought of doing any form of study. I feel as though my poor brain has had it and at times i think it needs to be pensioned off
or at least traded in for a newer model :D It's bad enough having to remember all the stuff i have to remember for my work and then they keep changing the policy and procedures!! It's a shame, i used to remember things so well and wanted to advance into a management role and had such an interest in my work. Now it's often a battle to get through the day even though i'm a lot better than prior to starting my thyroid meds.

As for getting rid of Hashi's for good......... funnily enough, my doctor feels that certain Hashi's conditions can be reversed providing ALL other areas affected (eg: in my case, adrenals, pancreatic enzymes, liver) are all corrected also. I think it might depend how far your Hashi's advanced, what effects it caused, what is actually happening with your thyroid. He made some comment to me at one of my early visits that he doesn't see why i couldn't make a full recovery, but it would take a few years, but believed i'd be medication free in the end. I also don't see how they can stop the immune system from destroying the thyroid. I thought once it begins it's journey of destruction that it couldn't be stopped. I've not asked him about it since, but maybe i should at my next visit.

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