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prokureur--Have you had a test for Celiac or PA? These are both AI diseases (you are at a greater risk for developing another because you have Hashi's) that will cause low numbers and impair absoprtion. Did you have your B-12 checked?

If you are taking in the right amount of iron (not a small dose or with food) and not absorbing this is when you see a Hematologist/Oncologist. You might need IV iron therapy.

The small bowel is the test that is usually done last, and this is what you will be having so it is the right procedure to follow. Sorry that you have been going through this so long. As far as the Endo goes. I feel like you. AudreyB is very fortunate that her doctor is treating her so well. My Endo also found my iron problem and sent me to the PCP, that is how it works here is the US. Some Endos will treat their patients for low iron. I have also asked Audrey WHY we don't get this type of treatment? I think when it comes down to it that the thyroid people/Hashi's might ALL have the same problem going on with malabsorption. Perhaps this has just always been treated with iron and nothing more? Who know's? Good luck to you and keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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