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Yes, the low ferritin has been going on for more than 20 years. Bad diet is the culprit. I decided to try a funky vegetarian diet and stopped eating meat. Bad idea, very bad. At 24 my hair was starting to fall, I'm 50 now, shows you how long it's been falling. No one suggested I take iron pills, since I moved around a lot, I had no good family doc to keep track of me and it just got worse. I worried about it alot but didn't know a thing about the hair/iron connection. There was no internet in those days, so I didn't know what I know now. However, I developed hashis also, which brought me to thyroid meds, then I recentl discovered the armour thing.... it took a while before I discovered the right dosage. When I'm too high I get diahrea, hair falls, etc. I have to be careful. Don't let others discourage you. Take the iron with vitamin C and lysine on an empty stomach everyday and make sure you have stong stomach acid, that's supposed to help. Eat meat when you can, even liver....I never thought I'd get it to 100 but I did.. I just wish I kept it up there.... but I was really sick of taking pills. I guess pill taking will be a way of life for me. But with my hair, it either seems to be a thyroid dosage problem, or low iron....cb :-(
Cathy, :)

[QUOTE]is there anthing natural you can take to stop this drug taking? I'm not much into drugs, prefer the natural stuff. Please let me know.... what exactly is your stomach problem? diagnosis?[/QUOTE]

I have a sliding hiatal hernia and GERD with acid reflux. Before the Nexium, which I started to take last summer, I had nausea 24/7. It was pretty awful. I now have it only a few hours each morning, except for some days, when it lasts longer. I don't know the reason for it. No one's ever bothered to find out. I'd had no GI problems or nausea [U]whatsoever[/U] before I started taking my meds for my problems about a year and a half ago. So who knows? They will be checking for any sources of internal bleeding. Personally, I think it's the meds wrecking my stomach and digestion. I take enteric coated aspirin - perhaps that is the culprit (in spite of the coating)?

I am like you, Cathy, and prefer natural remedies whenever possible. Before I became ill I'd stayed away from all medications, even aspirin. I wish I could go back to those days. I am on these meds for life. I don't know if I can stop the Nexium and take someting else that will keep the nausea down. I can ask.

cathy57 - Yes i've had a gluten test. The maximum range was 15 and i got an 18 so my thyroid doctor told me i could have gluten products, but to be careful how much. I don't have any noticeable side effects from gluten i eat, i'd say it may lead to some malabsorbtion issues though. It's more of a 'silent' issue with me and i'd never know i had any gluten issues otherwise. This could partly be the reason why my ferretin dropped.

My digestion............. basically i have not been digesting protein as i've not got sufficient pancreatic enzymes. This could be a big part of the reason why my ferretin dropped and it would have added to my hair shedding woes. I'm now taking prescription digestive enzymes with all my main meals and i feel so much better. No more bloating or feeling super tired after meals. I used to be able to eat a horse and chase the jockey before as i'd be STARVING all the time but i didn't really ever put on much weight and most people would marvel at how i could eat so much and not gain weight. Now since i've been on the enzymes i eat normal meals, don't feel starving 24/7 and i'm sure the badly needed protein will be appreciated by my body, energy levels, hair, metabolism, thyroid and liver and whatever else needs it.

My thyroid doctor has me on 'isolate whey protein' at breakfast time to boost my slow metabolism. Yes, i have a slow metabolism courtesy of my thyroid, but can't believe how i never put on the weight with all the food i ate. Admittedly i do eat very healthy, but perhaps never put on the weight due to malabsorbtion issues leading to a semi-malnutricious state i suppose.

Eating protein at breakfast also helps your 'coping skills' and decreases our stress levels, which in turn is good as you wear out much sooner with Hashi's and we need all the coping skills and decreased stress levels we can get :D

I do not go near soy products if i can help it, but it's in everything these days from bread to chocolate. Soy is not good for the thyroid as far as i'm aware. I think this mostly came about after genetically modified soy came onto the market as it's so cheap. I have heard some say you can have soy in 'this form' but not 'that form' if you have a thyroid condition. I simply keep away from it as i have enough issues without causing more. I read the ingredients on anything shop bought and virtually everything has Soy in it. Sometimes you think something doesn't contain soy, but the manufacturer disguises the 'soy' in other wording eg: vitamin E, vegetable oil, vegetable gum.

No wonder so many of us are sick. It's bad enough with the pollution, chemicals in the water and hormones they feed to the animals we eat or milk we drink and then you have to be super vigilant when it comes to things you buy in the supermarket too!! This is why i cook most things from scratch and i'm lucky my mother still keeps hens and she gives me lots of fresh eggs from hens which haven't been fed hormones. Her hens run around on a farm totally free range.

You asked about sleep..... basically if i don't get enough sleep i'm simply tired, but there are times i've only had 6 or 7 hours sleep and i feel 'wired'. I just make sure i get to bed earlier the following night. I did start to get good and bad sleep phase cycles about a year prior to being diagnosed with Hashi's. Since beging medicated i notice my sleep patterns are a lot more uniform these days, which is a blessing.

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