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Hi there, I just wanted to add that it took me 2 years to get my ferritin up to 65 from 19. I couldn't tolerate slo fe so I changed to the gluconate form. I finally went up to 100 in 2006 from 2002 (4 years of supplementing) then I fell to 45 in 2008. It really drives me nuts that if I don't constantly supplement, my ferritin takes a real plunge. Now I'm supplementing this time with feosol. My hair loss is constant, either the low ferritin, or some medication issue, it just won't stay in.... :-( cb
[QUOTE=cathy57;3663764]Hi there, I just wanted to add that it took me 2 years to get my ferritin up to 65 from 19. I couldn't tolerate slo fe so I changed to the gluconate form. I finally went up to 100 in 2006 from 2002 (4 years of supplementing) then I fell to 45 in 2008. It really drives me nuts that if I don't constantly supplement, my ferritin takes a real plunge. Now I'm supplementing this time with feosol. My hair loss is constant, either the low ferritin, or some medication issue, it just won't stay in.... :-( cb[/QUOTE]

cathy57--Thank you so much for your post:angel:. I have always wondered about the progress of people that have already experienced anemia and/or low ferritin. It's great that you shared your experience to help others. It makes me feel a little better and encourages me that I too can get to 100 in the future. My GI doc told me that it is due to malabsorption (due to PPI's),and that I am married to iron, so I cannott stop taking supplements. I am at 41 Ferritin in 1 1/2 yrs., not all that great. Did you ever find out what your reason was for the low ferritin? FLFLOWERGIRL:)
I too decided I need to increase my lean red meat intake. My husband is excited I am buying something besides fish and chicken. I think I avoided those meats because it took so long to digest. Maybe low acid? Well I am going to try and put more in my diet along with the iron supplement. I check ferritin this week, keep fingers crossed. I hope I see some change. You need the positive reinforcement that your efforts are working. Right?

I too read some about Nexium, must be hard to live with all the nausea etc. The side effects seem large but I can see how you need relief. I read somewhere that it is a big money making area for the pharmaceuticals despite the bad side effects. I don't know how you go about treating it naturally though. Most meds seem to treat only symptoms. Our biggest problem with conventional medicine. I hope you get some answers and can eventually not need the PPI's(learned a new term).

Takes a bit of catching up when you haven't been on the net for only 2 days!!!! :)
Cant recall exactly who said what so i'll just lump everything together if that's ok.

First of all for all those Hashimoto's groupies out there, the inability to absorb things, particularly iron and vitamin D has VERY strong links to Hashimoto's. Most of us suffer with that. I saw my doc today and he also said the higher your vitamin D the better your T3 will become. It basically helps your T3 along.

Make sure you check for gluten intolerance as that will diminish the ability for nutrients to be absorbed too. On my gluten intolerance test i got and 18 and 15 was the max. My doc classed me as being a 'little' intolerant but even so advised me to ease off all things gluten or just eat very few gluten products. I found this cafe which does the yummiest gluten free orange/almond cake YUM :D

Hair........... well we all want our hair back and it seems to be the most stressful thing to lose. I'd trade less energy for some real hair growth. Even though my ferretin got to 61 after 2 long years of trying, i still had hair loss (didn't know i had Hashi's then). Suddenly my hair stopped falling out for 1 good month. I couldn't believe it. I thought this was it, the end of hair shedding. Then after the 1 good month my hair began shedding all over again. I couldn't work out the mystery. Why stop shedding for 1 month then start again. Some months late it hit me..... Iodine. It had to be the iodine my doctor had given me 3 months earlier. I had used it for a few months and never got a repeat bottle of iodine as my levels had come up nicely.

Well i didn't know at that time that i was Hashi's and didn't know that if i stop taking iron,iodine and vitamin D that my levels will drop either due to my thyroid or something else. My thyroid doctor has begun supplement me with iodine again as he did an iodine load test where you drink a certain amount of iodine and then collect your urine over a particular amount of time. They can then measure how much iodine you lose in a 24hr period. This test showed that for the time being i have to stay on my iodine drops till further notice. My hair is shedding closer to normal now, but i don't know whether it's due to the iodine or all the other things i've been doing in the last 3 months since having my thyroid treated. With hair you wont notice immediate results anyway. It usually takes 3 months or so to begin noticing a proper hair growth cycle after whatever has been fixed.

As for reflux treatment and inhibiting iron absorbtion. A guy i work with had a reflux issue and one of his doctors finally put him on some prescription enzymes and his reflux has gone.

I'm also on prescription digestive enzymes as my pancrease doesn't make sufficient enzymes to digest protein so it sits, ferments and inflames my thyroid. I've been on the enzymes since mid april and my stomach is better, no more bloating and i'm hoping that things are digesting better and i'm getting more nutrients.

My previous doctor who treated my anemia and my thyroid doctor have both said that quite often malabsorbtion of necessary vitamins/minerals and digestive issues are connected to thyroid patients and they nearly always see low iron in particular and low vitamin D, digestive issues, metabolism issues eg: most often slow metabolism, hormonal issues, messed up monthly cycles, hair shedding, chronic tiredness and adrenal issues.

My doctor did say that the hair shedding can be due to a hormonal imbalance (i have too much estrogen and a little too much testosterone), but it can very possibly be related to my digestive system not digesting protein, it can also be due to insufficient T3 for my thyroid. I've been on a T3 med since april and he started me off on a slow dosage and i'm responding well to it. Right now he has added a tiny bit .05mg of a Thyroxine tablet to the mix and in 6 weeks i'll have a blood test to see whether i'm responding. He said some people respond best with only T3 med's and don't do well when a T4 med is added, while others do best on a combo of T3 and T4.

My doctor also has me drinking isolate whey protein every morning with breakfast to kickstart my metabolism and to add badly needed protein to my diet. Eventhough i was a big meat eater my body wasn't absorbing it due to the lack of enzymes i mentioned. You don't have to eat red meat every single day. 3 nights per week is good. Other nights you can have white meat or fish. You can get protein from pulses and nuts.
A nice lentil soup is good. Also almond, brazil nuts and cashews when eaten together are a complete protein, just like meat. Iron from meat is likely the easiest for out bodies to absorb and we dont just get iron from meat, but a lot of other essential things.

A lot of people also lack selenium in their diests. Too much selenium or too little can cause hair loss, but apparently 4 brazil nuts per day is all the selenium you need. The ones from brazil are actually supposed to be the best.

With all things, whether it's vitamin D, iodine, selenium etc etc don't just start taking it of your own accord as overdosing on it can be as bad as not having enough. Get a blood test first and take it from there.

There is always a reason for low ferretin. It is NOT normal for ferretin to take months or years to fix. Once you begin supplementing with iron and you do not see it rise considerably in the first month or 2 and it's taking forever to go up, then you have a BIG problem. Low iron that takes forever is always a symptom of something else. You need to find that something else.
wow Audrey that was helpful!

My question is how to test for gluten intolerance? Just the allergy test? I know about the celiac antibody test. I personally am trying to decrease gluten in general.

The good news is I am on Vit D, selenium, iodine, armour and iron. In my iodine load test I was severely deficient in my spot test but then peed out a lot of the iodine I took, which means a NIS defect. So hard for iodine to get in. I seem to see a correlation of not converting T4 to T3, this defect on iodoine receptors and difficulty absorbing foods. Plus I have MTHFR defect which means I cannot break down folate. Suppose to be on B's for life to decrease risk of stroke, clots, etc. So it sounds like I dont break down or convert well. Enzyme issues. Speaking of enzymes I should probably add that to my list, right!

I am going to have sex hormones checked to see if estrogen, etc okay.

I eat lots of almonds, other nuts in my diet. I really avoid processed food. I am trying to eat what my body needs. The meat actually tasted good last night. I will try to keep that up 2-3 xwk.

I agree having low ferritin and not raising after supplementation in a decent time frame means a bigger problem.

Your doctor sounds great! What kind of doctor? I see a PA who will prescribes Armour and believes in treating adrenal fatigue. The supplement part of my treatment I get guidance from a compounding pharmacist and read a lot. I am a bit on my own...

A big thanks! I feel like I am on the right track and that is is common with Hashi's to have these issues. We are so lucky!!
Hi, everybody! :)

I'm a Hasimoto's sufferer and my ferritin is 17 (range: 33-300). I'm taking 200 mg of non-heme iron once a day.

How much vitamin C should I take with iron to improve absorption?

And can I take my magnesium supplement at the same time as the iron and vitC or will there be interference?

Also, vitamin C is an immunity booster. Autoimmunity is part of the immune system of us autoimmune folks. Does that mean vitamin C also boosts autoimmunity, making the attacks on our thyroids worse?
Hi Marilla - i'm not sure about magnesium so can't answer that particular question as i've never taken magnesium. I eat a lot of bananas and i like them before they are too ripe and they contain a lot of magnesium at this stage. The riper the banana the less magnesium, but bananas do have some of the B vitamins among other things and they are good for people with thyroid conditions as well as those with high blood pressurel, so it's a healthy fruit.

I think my doctor quote 500mg of vitamin C at least should be either already in your iron supplement or you should take it together with your iron supplement.

No, Vit C will not make your auto immune system worse and wont make your thyroid worse. It's not 100% known what precisely makes your immune system attack the thyroid for us Hashi's sufferers (actually the immune system attacks the protein in the thyroid). Most times it's genetic, so if you have it, one of your parents or grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, likely have it too. They think major stress can cause it or a viral condition you may have had at some point. I do know that low long term ferretin or anemia can affect the thyroid. They have been able to link major hormonal changes to Hashimoto's eg; puberty, pregnancy, menopause. The only one of those conditions i've had is puberty, but not sure how long ago the Hashi's started for me, i'm thinking at least 7 - 10 years ago, but definitely took 7 yrs to diagnose. My father has some type of thyroid condition (it's enlarged) he suffers some of the symptoms i have, but he refuses to even go see a doctor to get treatment. His brother had his thyroid removed years ago and his brother's grandaughter has it, while her mother had childhood diabetes. Seems like autoimmune conditions run on my dad's side of the family.

If anything, taking regular vitamin C and keeping your other things eg: B vitamins, vitamin D, ferretin at the right level will help your immune system. It's winter here now and it's so far the first year i've not caught a cold or virus in the autumn/winter stage. One more month of winter to go so will keep my fingers crossed, but normally i would have fallen ill by now. I think it's helped by boosting everything, particularly my ferretin as healthy ferretin helps in soooo many areas, even your thyroid needs healthy ferretin.

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