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[QUOTE]Well, I did buy an iron supplement today...Feosol, and the bottle says to take 1 pill a day, but the pharmacist said to take it 3 times a day so I don't know what to do. My Doctor said it was okay (over the phone) to take a supplement, but didn't say how much. Do I listen to the pharmacist or the instructions on the bottle?[/QUOTE]

It is fine to take 3 Feosol tablets a day. My friend has been taking 2 tablets a day and her ferritin went from 3 to 35 in 2 months. Your pharmacist is a good one to listen to.

[QUOTE]Also, what is this "ablation" procedure that you spoke of? I've never heard of it. [/QUOTE]

Endometrial ablation is where they insert an electronic device into the uterus (you are under anesthesia) and they send electrical waves to "burn" off the endometrial lining. It is permanent and usually greatly lessens or stops bleeding altogether. But you will still ovulate and have a "cycle"--you just won't bleed. It goes by the procedure name of Novasure.

[QUOTE]I don't necessarily want a hysterectomy, but my doctor won't put me on birth control because of my age I guess. I'm 44. Do you know if Anemia is hereditary?[/QUOTE]

I wonder why he won't try pills. I am also 44 and my doctor felt it was perfectly safe (especially certain types of pills).

There are types of anemia that are hereditary/genetic but they would have shown up earlier in your life. Anemia, due to iron deficiency, is not hereditary. It is a symptom of the disease of iron deficiency. It seems to be a real common thing for women in their 40s to get diagnosed. It's the combination of irregular/heavy pre-menopausal bleeding with the years and years of blood loss due to menstruation. My mom spent her entire 40s and early 50s being anemic. Both my best friend and I have recently been diagnosed as anemic (we are both 44). I am hearing it all over the place.

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