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Re: Iron
Jul 26, 2008
flowergirl--I took 3X Ferris Sulfate in the beginning and I ended up in the ER because I was so very weak. It gave me enteritis for 3 months, I was extrememly ill from the complications due to iron supplements. This is why I am on a special type that is designed for the GI system and I praise my GI doctor for his knowledge on this. If I wasn't able to take iron orally I would have had to have IV iron which I was set up for. As ChristineVA says, it CAN be very ~severe~ and even cause ulcers and much more. I am also very sensitive to many products so maybe a great deal of this was just me. Many people take it and they do just fine. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Ashleymichele23--I would suggest that you ask your doctor for a script iron (everything is already added in, like Vit-C) that is GI friendly. Some types ARE GI friendly and they are not the OTC brands. It takes a long time to get from a 5 ferritin on low dose iron to where you want to be. The longer it goes on, the worse it can be IMO. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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