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Liz1965, in my opinion you are taking a very effective form of iron. It is true, you can't take more of this type than what is prescribed on the bottle, but that is because it is a highly absorbable form of iron supplement. My numbers are coming up very well and I plan to take this kind of iron for the long term.

If you take your iron pill at dinner, you can have a glass of white wine or orange juice which helps with absorbtion. If you take it at breakfast, have it with orange juice. Mostly, you will need to be patient, because it did take me about 4 months to see any noticable improvement.

All this is a moot point however, if you are not treating the causes of your anemia. If it's due to heavy periods, you need to either take the pill or some other form of hormones or procedurally fix this problem ASAP. If it's of a GI origin (Celiac's Disease, malabsorption, intestinal bleeding), these too must be addressed. It's one thing that your doctor isn't prescribing iron. It's another thing if he/she is not having you do a few tests to figure out the cause. If your doctor isn't addressing this, I would find another doctor. Anemia is nothing to fool around with. Many of us have wasted precious time with doctors who don't see it as a condition to solve.

Good luck and congratulations on finding an iron that you can tolerate. That's one of the biggest hurdles in my opinion.
Thanks for the info. Thank you also ChristineVA. I will look into getting a higher dosage supplement and check out the Natural Factors brand.

I've been reading more on this board and I've seen a lot of stuff on proton pump inhibitors and iron malabsorption. Unfortunately I have to take two Prilosec tablets (prescription) per day due to extreme acid reflux (I have a hiatal hernia). I am working with a new doctor to address my food sensitivites, with the hope that I will be able to go off the Prilosec at some point. For right now though that's not feasible.

I'm wondering if there's a particular type of iron that is better absorbed under said condition (40 mg of Prilosec per day). If anyone has any advice on this issue I'd appreciate your input.

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