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Hi Trixibel - so many people with low ferretin appear to experience what you have experienced, that's not to disclaim anything your doctors are currently saying or doing, but still it's common here, especially when some form of exertion has been involved.

My mother once listened to a radio program where a doctor advised a lady with anemia to ease off the exercise as her body needed all the oxygen it could get due to being low in iron stores and therefore unable to send sufficient oxygen for energy. Even when your iron levels begin rising, your energy and hair/skin/nails get it last or whatever is left over after your vital ograns have taken what they need.

A lot of doctors don't run by the 'ferretin' figure. My haemoglobin was decent but my ferretin was at an 8. I visited a Trichologist in Balmain (he has an office in sutherland too) as i was losing so much hair as well as other weird symptoms and couldn't get mainstream doctors to listen or to help. I kept being shoved from pillar to post or told there's nothing wrong. This Trichologist got my ferretin up to 61 and diagnosed my Hashimoto's thyroid, which i had had for at least 7 yrs going by previous blood tests and symptoms. I wish i'd found him sooner!! He has got loads of information on why iron stores are important plus other information on the net. If you look up his name, Tony Pearce, and you can add Trichologist after his name if you want and you can read up lots of helpful information which majority of doctors out there wont bother to tell you.

Getting your ferretin retested every 3 months is necessary to keep tabs on how you are going. If your ferretin is not going up and you are not vegetarian, then that would mean your low ferretin is a symptom of some other illness eg: internal bleeding, thyroid, gluten intolerance.

Hope you feel better soon :)


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