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That is excellent that you had such quick results :)

From the extensive time i've spent on this board i have found that the only people who go up so fast ferretin-wise are those who may have either lost a lot of blood at one time eg: childbirth or those with a more vegetarian diet and then they changed their diet and added meat and/or iron supplements.

A lot of us have done everything possible, plus more, have researched high and low for ideas and still it takes the most amazing effort to get our ferretin to move up just 5 points in a month. Some have difficult moving up one point per month!!

I spent 2 long years getting my levels to 61 and it took me one year to get from 8 to approximately 14. I ended up getting a series of 5 iron injections and that only got me from about 27 to 35. When my levels finally got to 61 and i still felt tired and i was still shedding hair and my higher iron levels didn't improve my thyroid levels, my doctor ordered a thyroid antibodies test and that is how i was finally diagnosed with a very LONG standing thryoid condition called Hashimoto's.

This is why i'd now beg anybody who is a meat eater, has a healthy diet, is not losing a huge amount of blood on a regular basis and is doing ALL the right things and is still finding that it is taking more than 6 months to fix their iron problem to start looking for what is causing their low iron.

ps: i have read great things about black strap molasses and actually bought a jar in the healthfood section of my supermarket recently. I've also bought a cast iron skillet/pan type thingy to grill/cook my steaks on as i've heard that it's healthy and releases a bit of iron onto the food. Nothing nicer than medium/rare grilled steak :D

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