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Off the spoon, ok gotcha, will have to give that a go :)

In regard to the pill ....... The only reason i was cautious about it was that i knew 'something' was causing my period problems and i wanted doctors to get to the bottom of it. My thyroid figures have improved and my last period, which finished recently, is the most normal period i've had since 2001. I am weaning myself off herbal drops from a naturopath which did help some with my periods, but not like what i experienced with my last period. I feel things are improving due to my thyroid being corrected by thyroid meds i've badly needed for years.

My point is, why go on the pill (in my case) when doctors are there to discover why i'm having the problem i'm having. If they discovered and fixed the problem then no need to add further things to my system which i do not need.

One brand of pill had me thinking of suicide and in tears all the time. I have never been such an emotional mess. Once i stopped it i was fine. The next brand caused such bad fluid retention 24/7 and my breasts more than doubled in size and i was in such chronic pain that i felt as though i was carrying two bowling balls around day and night and i couldn't even take my bra off i was in so much pain. Then he tried a third brand of pill and i ended up with a blood clot or some blockage in a vein in my thumb and it began happening in a couple of other fingers. I soon stopped that brand and never went on the pill ever again. So you can see why for me it's not a good idea. I think it's partially due to my hormones being in such a bad state due to my thyroid. I always knew something was not right, but it was difficult convincing doctors of this.

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