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Helpwanted:(--Yes, I still think that you should investigate PA, because there is a reason for your B-12 to be in the low end normal range at 272. I would at least raise this number which takes a while and then see what symptoms you are left with and work on those. Your list may change a little after your B-12 is higher. PA is an AI disease.

I've also had and still have strange symptoms that came about with my anemia that doctor's haven't found reasons for. I went to a specialist in AI diseases and he did test me for IBD but my problem was from the iron. He also tested me for 3 pages worth of things I cannot even tell you what half of them were. He went over my head very quickly. It was nothing anyone would want to have. I also had all the tests that Christine mentions in her post except Celiac. You just have to fine a doctor and they will know what tests to run and much more, as my doc did. If anything you will R/O many things which is good to know.

I wanted to add that there was a poster here before when you were here IamUnique. Do you remember her? She had a B-12 deficiency and Celiac I believe, she was very ill and her numbers were somewhere under 400 if I remember right. I know that is only one person, but I do think that her posts are worth reviewing. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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