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You sound an AWFUL lot like my co-worker who is having some of the similar symptoms as you (except for the crushing fatigue). Her only flag was the B12 that was in the 200 range. She went for B12 injections and does feel a bit peppier; however, none of her other symptoms are gone: burning tongue, dry mouth, dry eyes, rashes on hands, leg aches, tingling. On top of it all she had a major allergic reaction last week to hummus. Her mouth is now worse and she has sores in it.

Anyway, she has been tested for celiac, several autoimmune diseases, has the same diegestive disorders as you. Her allergist is now recommending that she go to a "specialist group" at Georgetown hospital that specializes in autoimmune disorders. He's convinced that she has something along these lines even though she tests negative and even though she's already been to one autoimmune doctor. He says they are easy to miss. She's also taking herself to a nutritionist because of her limited diet she thinks she is making things worse.

Now, as to you, I don't think low B12 is the cause of all your problems. You honestly sound like you have celiac but the fact that you aren't deficient in iron also kind of does rule that out. I also don't think IBS is a fad. I have many of the same digestive problems you listed but I do have a form of IBS that occurred after I was diagnosed with an intestinal parasite (giardia). I have lots of noise after eating (embarrassing at work), gas, loose stools at times and on and on. I can no longer eat many fruits without "paying" for it later if you know what I mean?

Back when I was in the worst stages of my iron deficiency, I was having a hard time keeping my weight up which scared my doctor. That's when I went for the scopes and found out I had gastritis (could have fooled me). While I thought I was eating a lot, I don't think I really was in hindsight. Once I got that under control, I put 10 lbs on rapidly, much to my chagrin.

So, I guess I have no answers for you but that I don't believe it is in your head at all but that it could be a myriad of different things that, unfortunately, you are going to have to "doctor shop" to figure out.

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