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hi all...
ive posted my story before but ill do it again.
basically ive been ill for around 6 years, i was fit and heatlhy and did loads of sport but gradually just started getting more out of breath and tired whn i was doing the sport and then started feeling generally tired eveyday and it all went downhill from there.
now, my symptoms are..
always really, wake up after 10 hours sleep and still feel tired, weak and cant walk up a flight of stairs without being severly out of breath. sensetive to heat- if i get a bit cold i feel really cold and my hands and feet go numb and purrple, and if its a bit hot i feel really hot and sweat lots. digestive problems.. REALLY noisy stomach growling all the time, inconsitent stools, bloating, occasional stomach pain, craving food and feeling hungry all the time, dont put on wieght no matter how much i eat. feel faint if i dnt eat for a couple of hours.
very heavy and painfull periods (eases slightly with the pill)
breakouts of spots on face and scalp, exess hair, rashes on upper arms.brain fog, feeling out of it, not being able to concentrate, forgetting things, vision going funny - a bit dark - colours go a bit dark.
chronic post nasal drip whcih they cannot find a casue for. big lump in front of my right ear/top of jaw which is apparently where ive just overstreched my jaw and inflamed it and its never gone down.
sever anxiety and depression casued by having all these problems. i went to the doctor and she bascially thinks its all in my head. she diagnoed me with ibs (wich i think is a fad) and thinks the tiredness is due to my anxiety (its not i got all the health problems long before the anxiety)
anyway the doc has no ansers for me... heres my latest test results
ceoliac and lactose intolerance - negetive
thyroid - 'normal'
ferretin 67
liver function and serum electrolyes - normal
stool test for hpylori - negetive
full blood count - all normal
so that was all normal. my b12 came out as 272 (range 140-900) so thats down as normal, but its at the low end.. and ive read on here that peoples doctors have said they like it above 500.
so my question is, is a b12 of 272 low enough to casue my symptoms? should i be investiagting pernicious anemia?
thanks all.

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