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So, you are both B12 and iron deficient. No wonder you feel so bad.

Yes, all of your bad feelings stem from both deficiencies.

The amount of iron you are prescribed is normal for someone with iron as low as yours. Just a word of caution: I would not try to take 3 of these tablets in one day right off the bat. Take one a day for a week, then add the second tablet in for week 2, then so on. Ferrous sulphate can wreak havoc on the GI system and you don't want to take too much too soon.

The next step is determining why you have these deficiencies. They are not normal and are not a disease but a symptom of some other disease. For iron deficiency, you either are losing too much blood through your menstrual cycle, or you are bleeding from the GI tract. The next issue would be that you have a malabsorption disease such as celiac. High doses of PPIs (Nexium/Prilosec) can also impair absorption.

B12 is a separate issue and is not caused by blood loss. It is either due to a condition called pernicious anemia where your body lacks intrinsic factor to absorb B12, or again, celiac disease, or poor diet.

Besides treating yourself for the deficiencies, you need to figure out why you have them. It is important.

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