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I don't get it, don't doctors want to find out why this is happening? You can't live the rest of your life feeling tired and depressed, missing out on work and being told it's all in your head and then when you hit rock bottom they simply give you iron infusions.

Since spending time on the anemia board i have learnt that there are many forms of anemia and some people with anemia have low B12 while others do not, some are anemic, but don't necessarily have bad hemoglobin results etc etc there are so many different categories and situations.

Since i've found out what my low iron was linked to and then began my research into other areas, i've come across some worrying information. By 'worrying' i mean that doctors are not connecting the low iron/anemia to anything, they just do the basic checks to see why you might be losing iron, but don't really come up with anything concrete, unless it's staring them in the face or better still you point it out to them. I was lucky to come across a doctor who put 2 and 2 together and got me to do a test which i'd never been tested for before, not even by a previous Endo and then found out i had Hashimoto's. It was all pure chance. After spending time on the hair and anemia section of the boards and learning a lot of new things and becoming quite desperate and scared i'd lose all my hair i went shopping for a doctor, armed with all my new knowledge. Fortunately for me i found him. Not sure where i'd be today if i had not. Sometimes i feel as though i owe my life to him. I know that sounds drastic, but when you know something is wrong, but nobody takes you seriously, it can really depress you and make you wish some not nice things so i can understand where you are coming from in that regard.

You are most fortunate you didn't harm yourself. Dealing with anemia is most often a very long road. Finding out what is causing the anemia is sometimes an even longer road, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel so you can't give up. I know you will feel like giving up a lot of times, but you have to win this battle and show those doctors they were all wrong. I'm waiting till i've stabilised with all my meds and i'm going back to my first doctor and i'm going to give him a lesson on iron malabsorbtion, hair loss and the thyroid. I do not want another patient going through what i went through. If i can help prevent at least one more of his patients going through what i went through i'll feel very happy.

I'm not familiar with your particular situation, but have any of your doctors tested you for other things to see why you are so low in iron? You are aware that low iron can be connected to such things as gluten intolerance, thyroid issues (too many people on the thyroid board have iron problems and it's linked to Hypothyroid), polyps, ulcers, internal bleeding, digestive disorders. If you are low in iron due to malabsorbtion you can be low in other vitamins/minerals eg: zinc, vitamin D, iodine, selenium, folate.

Hoping things get better for you soon. This board is a great place to be while looking for answers and even after being diagnosed in my case :)

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