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peace4health - i never knew thyroid antibodies existed until i found a new doctor who helped raise my iron levels. He thought at first that my extremely low, long term iron levels had affected my thyroid, which aparently can happen. It took 2 years to get my iron up to 61 and my thyroid results were still as before and had not self corrected. My doctor then organised a thyroid antibodies test saying that difficult to raise ferretin (iron storage) was often related to Hypothyroid.

I'm not sure about the wording doctors or labs use around the world, but my lab report has two types of Thyroid Antibodies results on it. One for Anti Thyroglobulin and one for Anti Thyroid Peroxidase. Both of these came back as showing that i had thyroid antibodies and the last of these showed my antibodies to be 1300 when i should have been below 60.

The thyroid antibodies test was the only thing to truly show that i had Hashimoto's. Looking at my TSH, which is what most doctors previously did, didn't show much. Both my T3 and my T4 were low, but nothing to ever worry any of my previous doctors.

As it's common for people who are hypothyroid to have malabsorbtion issues, if you get a blood test done you should try and get your doctor to also test your ferretin (iron stores), B12, vitamin D, zinc, folate, selenium and iodine. Those were the main ones my previous doctor always checked and now my thyroid doctor keeps an eye on my ferretin, vitamin D and iodine as i have issues with those 3 mostly.

Hope some of this information is helpful. Sorry i'm not very good with a lot of the more technical thyroid stuff. I'm trying to learn but it's a difficult topic.
Thank you so much for you reply!

I'm thinking of having the antibody(s) tested, although my T3, T4 & TSH (it's HTSH in my papers) were within the range. Now, i know from your story that it's quite possible to have those normal, but still have an 'abnormal' thyroid :-(

My ferritin is still low (9,5). I've been on iron-deficiency anemia treatment since mid April (ferritin was 2,9 then), and i feel much better with all the parameters back into the range, except Ferritin. So I'm still on iron (Floradix, for better absorption of iron). My B12 is almost on the upper limit level.

Thanks for mentioning the other tests, too. I hope to manage to have another blood test in a month or so (the last one was a month ago). And thanks in general for all your posts! I did/do get a lot of useful information from you :-)

By the way, some of your posts led me to read a bit more about thyroid, and i learnt that high cholesterol & low ferritin can be signs of hypothyroidism... My cholesterol has been a bit high for some years now, though I rarely (extremely rarely) use any other oil than Extra Virgin Olive Oil since about 8 years.

Just to stop overloading you with more information, I'll only add that I'm "estrogenic," too. And I read somewhere that Estrogen Dominance can play its part in 'creating' hypothyroidism. Need to search more on this.

Thanks again!

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