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The more you read the more you will learn that so many things can become "symptoms" of being Hypothyroid or having an actual thyroid disease such as Hashimoto's or Graves.

I took out some very old blood tests spanning over the last 10 years and some of my cholesterol levels have been higher than i would like and there is no reason for this. I also only use olive oil at home and prefer extra virgin, but on some occasions i do use grape seed oil or rice bran oil as these 2 oils are good for cooking with as they have a high smoke point (meaning you can use them at high temperatures and the oil will not change and become carcinogenic). I hate the smell of melting butter and it makes me want to vomit so have never used butter to cook with. Some vegetable oils are unsafe as they have been partially 'hydrogenated', which extends their shelf life. The problem is that these oils contain transfats which are the most dangerous fats and cause heart disease. The problem is that these oils are found in commercially bought biscuits, snacks, cakes, bread, fast food outlets cook food on this bad oil - particularly fried and deep fried foods etc etc. This is why i stick to olive oil and limit the amount of 'convenience' foods i buy at the supermarket. I don't eat mcdonalds and other takeaway foods and if i do eat out i try to buy something healthy. Convenience foods are also extremely bad for the thyroid.

If you want to help your cholesterol you can take fish oil capsules or evening primrose oil is another good one. You can also eat a variety of nuts which contain good oils eg: brazil nuts, cashews or eat other foods rich in good natural fats eg: avocados.

When my current doctor tested my hormones i found out that my estrogen is double what it should be. That really scared me as they say there is a link between high estrogen and breast cancer. That's the last thing i need happening to me!! On my test it also showed that my testosterone was a little above the maximum of what it ought to be. My doctor is hoping that thyroid medication will eventually help settle everything. In fact i noticed that my last period was a lot lighter and of shorter duration than it would normally be. I'm hoping this is a sign my hormones have taken one small step towards improvement :)

You may have read it in my other posts, but will mention it here, my doctor also tested my adrenal function. Look up "adrenal fatigue" on the net for more information if you don't know much about this. Your adrenals produce a certain amount of "cortisol" which is a hormone and if your adrenals are not working properly they will either produce too little or too much crotisol. This can have similar symptoms to the thyroid eg: tiredness, no motivation, feeling foggy, needing a lot of sleep. Your doctor likely wont want to test your adrenals if he feels your thyroid is ok, but if it does end up being a thyroid problem then your doctor should definitely do an adrenal check. This is done by either a saliva test or blood test.

I'm not sure why Hypothyroid can lead to elevated cholesterol levels. I've not researched that yet. It can also lead to elevated blood pressure. I don't think everybody gets ALL the possible symptoms, but i think the longer a thyroid issue is left untreated the more symptoms can begin occuring.

Until doctors start looking at symptoms as well as blood test results, a lot of people will go left untreated for a very long time i think. A lot of people are "within range" or doctors have told them their test results are fine, but it scares me just how many have got it wrong. There are a lot of people on the healthboards who have witnessed that happening.

The best thing is having access to a healthboard like this one where we all learn from each other. If you have your thyroid test results you ought to post them on the thyroid board and there are people there who have a far better understanding than i do and who can help you out. Also different countries and labs use differing "ranges" so it's hard to determine results, but the there are a few excellent experts over on the thyroid board who will be able to understand your lab reports.

Don't stop the iron supplements either. If you do infact have a thyroid problem then the higher your ferretin the better it is for your thyroid.

The main thing is to never give up on finding out exactly why your ferretin is so low and difficult to increase. There are many things which can cause this, not just thyroid, even though thyroid issues seem to be the main thing from reading people's posts who have been diagnosed.

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