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Adding some replies/facts:

I didn't end up going to the ER, as I just really didn't want to. Also, I have found that when I am at home, and not at work, I feel better.

I also have anxiety symptoms, and I believe some of the tightness in my chest is due to that.

I also know that when I am having a bad day at work (physically), most of my coworkers do not know what I am dealing with, and still treat me the same-which means they expect a lot of me. I am sure this is adding to the problem.

However, I wondered if one of you knew what the test was that my dr. was talking about when he said that my iron absorption test came back as low as well. What does that mean when you don't absorb iron as well?

With the following, is it still simply iron deficiency anemia?:
low hgb---lowest I knew of was in the 9-range (although in the past, I never asked numbers). It is now back up to 11.
low ferritin. It is now up to 7, didn't ever have it tested when my hgb was lowest, but I am sure it was lower then too.
I was told my red blood cells are low in count and small in size.
I don't know the name of the test or the result number with regards to the low absorption of iron--anyone?

I have other health problems that have overlapping symptoms, and I also believe that my dr. is annoyed with me asking for additional tests. I think he simply wants me to "take my iron and shut up.":(

I have lower bp, high bad cholesterol-in the 200s, can't recall, but decent good cholesterol-so dr. didn't want me to start cholesterol meds yet, dizziness particularly upon standing from sitting or laying down, calf pain-sometimes severe. I am short of breath from simple tasks, oh, and almost forgot to say that when I was out in the extreme heat-prior to knowing I was very anemic and sick, I started to have symptoms of heat stroke. I ended up having to stop and catch my breath, went inside, got totally dizzy and passed out. I was asleep for hours. I was hydrated but felt as one feels when they are left out in the desert without water. (P.S. this happened in the Phoenix pre-summer heat-but I had an umbrella over my head, and water to my lips nearly the whole time!)

This sound like iron deficiency anemia?

I think my dr. simply wants to "wait and see" with regards to my health. I don't have a problem with knowing that it takes time for iron stores to be brought up, and for oxygen to be back in blood. I just want to know if there is anything else to concern myself with. In my opinion, having problems absorbing iron is something to investigate--no?
Also, why are red blood cells small?
Thanks for your replies.:)
[QUOTE=TiredOTired;3685277]I didn't end up going to the ER, as I just really didn't want to. Also, I have found that when I am at home, and not at work, I feel better.[/QUOTE]

I meant to add in my last post: The above statement is CLASSIC anxiety.
Thanks for your replies. It gave some good info. I do know that I am dealing with some mega-serious GERD. It has been somethin awful this week.

I think I am feeling a bit better since starting my iron. At least I was breathing easier this week. Perhaps I will just give it time.

I definitely have anxiety. No question about that! I just know that there is a difference between the way I feel with anxiety and the way I feel with anemia with regards to breathing and one is different than the other.

Anyway, got to run, will add more later. Thanks again.
Just wanted to add that I really appreciated what everyone contributed. I am starting to breath a bit easier now that I am trying to get my anxiety under control. My GERD is being pummeled by this iron I am taking, however and am going to see the dr. this week to see what to do. It is making me not want to eat at all. It is only helped by eating something frozen. (Not a great diet for someone who is iron deprived!)

Does anyone think that stopping your periods would help with anemia? If so, how do you get your insurance company on board?

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