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Sorry to hear about your problems. Do you have any other medical conditions, such as asthma, cardio problems, diabetes, etc.?
What I am thinking of is that your breathing problems could be completely unrelated to anemia. I know how terrible not being able to breathe is. To me, that is worse than almost any pain. I also know what shortness of breath does to óur energy levels, when not enough oxygen is getting to the organs and tissues. How long have you had the SOB?


Thanks for your reply.
To my knowledge, the only other reason for the breathing problems are having a deviated septum and being a naturally shallow breather. I also thought that it might be due to stress as when I am upset, as it sits in my chest. I also am on Fentanyl 50, which can affect breathing, but unlikely that it is an issue as I am used to being on it and have been for many months. (Years, actually.)

The SOB has been an on and off thing-meaning I have good days and bad days. I would say that I have been oxygen deprived for years. I just used to think that since I was such a shallow breather, that was why. I didn't know much about anemia, even though I knew I had it. (If I take a deep breath, I get dizzy.)

My dr. has told me to simply go to the ER as I might need a blood transfusion. I know good and damn well once I get there and wait 3 hours to be seen, they will test me and realize that my hemoglobin is not low enough to do so. I have an 11.1 last they checked. Although my ferritin is only a 7.

I have now been short of breath where it is affecting me severely for at minimum a couple of months. I don't exercise anymore. I try to keep movement to a minimum as even walking about my office makes me dizzy.

I know this isn't healthy. I know that it isn't normal. I just don't know what else to test for, and or if I should just wait and see if taking iron via pill will build up my stores enough to make this stop.

My son is now taking over some of the household duties as I simply can't.

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