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Well, I tend to agree with the others in that I don't think your hemoglobin values (and ferritin) are going to be the sole reason for your shortness of breath.

When I was at my worst, my hemoglobin was at 11.2 and my ferritin was at 5. I did have episodes of shortness of breath and tachycardia, but it was not constant as you have described. Only if I did some strenuous exertion. BUT....for many years (even while not anemic), I do get episodes of what I call "air hunger" or not being able to take a deep breath (these episodes seem unrelated to any type of physical activity). I have, through trial and error, figured out that they are related to my GERD. When it flares up or I've been eating the wrong foods (even when taking the PPIs) one of my first clues is that I will have episodes that last for weeks of not being able to take a satisfying breath. It was comforting to know that many GERD folks suffer from this and it turns out that when the espophagus is very irritated, it stimulates the cardiac and bronchial nerves that run through that area.

So, I'm thinking this could be your GERD?

As for why your ferritin won't raise on all the iron you are taking--well, I'm not sure. I don't think you are the first person in the world who had trouble absorbing this stuff. Maybe ferrous sulfate is just not the best for you. Have you tried any other types. I know this is the supplement that doctors first recommend but it's not always the best.

I agree that if you went to the hospital, they would not transfuse you. I wouldn't go to the ER either. Not worth it. With your hemoglobin levels being close to normal, you probably wouldn't even be able to get a doctor to give you infusions, but some hematologists will with a ferritin in your range.

I don't know why you are blacking out--some people have episodes of this for no reason (although there is a name for this). I really do believe that it is unrelated to your iron status.

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