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I am unsure if you read correctly. I am on 325 mg. per day-still. Even though my hemoglobin has gone from a 9 to an 11, I will be on it for 3-6 months. Also, I asked my dr. about Thalassemia, particularly since I am of the heritage it affects-tests show negative.
Negative for B-12 probs. I had biopsies taken to rule out a couple of things. I know that since I have a hiatal hernia and severe GERD that being on a PPI has probably reduced my stomach acid, thereby making things worse.
I just want to know why even while taking iron and having a nearly normal hemoglobin level, my ferritin being low, I CAN'T BREATH.
I pant just from walking from my car to the door to work. I pant going DOWN one flight of stairs.
My blood oxygen level must have been low for my dr. to give me oxygen during my colonoscopy.
How does someone know whether or not to go to the hospital?
How does one know whether or not their dr. is taking you as seriously as you would like?
How does one know whether or not you need iron via IV?
How does one know whether or not you need a blood transfusion?

Long story long, I don't think I should be nearly blacking out if I am on 325 mg. a day, and my hemoglobin is nearly a normal range.

I don't think I should be having a hard time breathing.

I don't think I should have calf pains that GO THROUGH MY 50 FENTANYL PAIN PATCH and require additional pain measures.

I am tired of being tired. I am tired of feeling like a fish that was taken out of the bowl of water.
If you remember that commercial where the fish are in the bowl and the water level keeps getting lower-I can relate.
If you have ever gone swimming and dived kind of deeply under the water, and you are kicking and swimming up to the surface, but you are nearly there and your air is gone- and you are starting to just slightly panic--THAT is how I feel almost all day almost everyday.
Thanks for your replies.

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