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I haven't been officialy diagnosed with anemia but was told I am iron deficient and I'm confused about my care right at the moment.

Long story short: tried to give blood July 3 but was denied because my iron levels were too low. Saw my PCP on July 23 for a 6 month follow-up and told him. He ordered some bloodwork. I called the office and his assistant called me back and said:

"you have some abnormal levels that indicate an iron deficiency and he is faxing a copy of the tests to your GI Doc. When I asked why she said since you are not having any vaginal bleeding perhaps you have a GI bleed or a malabsorption problem."

Today I received my copy of the tests in the mail

My test results and normal ranges according to the report:

Iron = 25 (L) (35 - 170)
TIBC = 469 (H) (250-450)
Transferrin Saturation = 5 (L) (20-55)
MCV = 77(L) (80-100)
MCH = 25 (L) (27-33)
Ferritin - 5 (5 - 148)
Hemoglobin = 11.1 (11.0-15.0)
Hematocrit = 35.6 (34.0-46.0)
Red Blood Cells = 4.59 (4.40 - 5.60)
Folic Acid = 24 (>3.4)
B12 = 857 (>200)

Obviously I have 5 definitely abnormal levels but 3 of the others that are "normal" are right on the border of normal which I wouldn't think is so great

I called the GI doc. She was not in but the nurse that called me back told me she was surprised the PCP didn't order a stool sample test himself and just sent me to the GI. She agreed that my numbers were problematic and sent a note to the Doc asking what she wanted to do. Since her last day in the office ( vacation until 9/2) is next Tuesday she double-booked me an appointment at 2:40 until she gets an answer form the GI doc.

Does this sound logical to you? What should I be having done? I just had an upper endoscopy in March which didn't show any bleeding or ulcer.

Thanks in advance if you have any advice.

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