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Thank you FLFLOWERGIRL and Christine for your replies and encouragement. I definitely will not be donating anymore blood for awhile until I get handle on this problem. I don't even give every time I"m eligible however, at my last donation in February my iron was low on the finger stick done on my right finger but was okay at the minimum level allowed on a repeat test on my left finger. I honestly didn't even think anything about it and just went on with the donation and never mentioned it to my PCP who I saw in April. That'll teach me.

I'm very pleased to see that my B12 levels are okay - I take Nexium 40mg twice a day for almost 4 years and have been reading about the potential of PPI's like Nexium to cause a B12 deficiency on another board. When I asked my GI doc if my B12 should ever be tested at least to get a baseline she said no. I was worried because my paternal grandfather had pernicious anemia. I'm also concerned about a bleeding ulcer because my maternal grandfather had to have emergency surgery because of them. Of course this was ages ago (in the 1970's) but still concerning. More concerning is the fact that my maternal grandmother died from lymphoma and both my mother and father were diagnosed with Asymptomatic Multiple Myeloma ( a blood cancer). My Dad died from a heart attack before the MM ever manifested itself and so far my Mom who was diagnosed in 2002 (a week before the one week anniversary of my father's passing - talk about bad timing) is doing okay as well. Neither had ever progressed to Stage I - Mom is diagnosed with "smoldering MM" and Dad had "indolent MM".

well thanks for listening and helping. Its tough being your own doctor without having gone to medical school;)

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