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Christine, thanks so much for your comments! Your answers are appreciated!

I read a old post of yours and saw that you had a GI bleed without any visible evidence. Now that the celiac test is negative, I'm hoping that is all that they find with me, my mind is wandering all over the place wondering and worrying what is causing my iron deficiency. Could it just be the PPI's without a GI bleed?

I guess I will hold off on the One a Day with iron. I'm not sure if I am having symptons or not. I have been extremely tired at times - falling asleep on the sofa while watching TV ad very tired sometimes at work that I wish I could put my head down it is sooo heavy. I don't sleep through the night anymore since I was in perimenopause and now post menopause. sometimes when I wake up at night or in the morning my legs hurt so much in the calf area and I've been having lots of charleyhorses. I didn't think much of any of this until I started reading about my iron deficiency. I have read some of you folks have heart palpatations and that worries me - I have a leaky mitral valve with regurgitation (just diagnosed in august 2004) and high blood pressure and wonder if the iron deficiency could worsen these issues?

Thanks again!

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