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Any ideas???
Aug 8, 2008
Can anyone help me interpret these numbers?

WBC 7.9 (4.8 - 10.8)
RBC 4.67 (4.20 - 5.40)
[B]MCH 31.5H (27.0 - 31.0)
RDW 15.2H (11.5 - 14.5)
Neuts 75.4H (42.2 - 75.2)
Lymphs 19.4L (20.5 - 51.1)
Bilirubin 1.6H(0.2 - 1.2)[/B]
Iron and TIBC:
TIBC 385 (250 - 450)
[B]UIBC 330H (170 - 230)[/B]
Iron 55 (25 - 156)
[B]Iron Saturation 14L (20 - 50)[/B]
Ferritin 72 (2 - 162)

Normal Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and other cbc stuff, B12 and Folate. Platelets have finally risen above 150. They were low last fall and my prothrombin time was elevated but hasn't been tested since. Negative ANA.

The MCH, RDW and left shift of the WBC's has been consistent in all my lab work since last fall. The rise in the bilirubin is new.

I've felt kinda bad for the past couple years but since about the beginning of June, it's been horrid. I'll admit to having several medical issues which include a very rare thyroid disorder, diabetes, renal tubular acidosis, premature osteoporisis and immune deficiency but I've never felt anything like this. I feel so tired and weak, I could scream. I go to do anything that requires the least amount of exertion and my muscles turn to jello. They literally start quivering as if I'd just attempted to lift a ton. It's all stuff that I've normally been able to do.

I had an appt scheduled with the gp for this last wednesday. I'd seen him on the 22nd of July but other than getting a chance to tell him I was terribly tired and getting the order for the lab work, there was another matter that needed to be addressed and I don't think I got my point across on the tired bit so when I saw my lab work, I called and made another appointment. Then I got a call that he was going out of town and I can't see him til next week. I'd already waited two weeks for the canceled appt. I'm frustrated and I'm tired and I really wanna know what's going on. :(

Anyone got any ideas? I've been trying to figure this out but my head is just spinning in circles now.

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