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I am new to this board and looking for some advice. I have been suffering from extreme dizziness, some nausea, heart palpitations and chest pains for a few months now. I have had oodles of bloodwork, EKG's, a holter monitor test, and a heart ultrasound done all of which came back good. I have a cardiologist appt. in October. I have been a fitness instructor for the past 6 years and have enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. Lately I can barely get through an hour of exercise and if I teach 2 classes in a row I am down for the count with dizziness and nausea for 24 hours.

My doctor sent me for another round of blood work and it came back that my Ferritin level is 13. My doctor says that ferritin levels could be causing some of my issues but not all and suggested maybe taking a supplement but didn't seem convinced nor concerned with my levels. I have begun taking an iron supplement, liquid, and am now just waiting.

I am worried that Ferritin is not causing these symptoms and that I have clogged arteries or something. I know that chances are slim given my age (36) and lifestyle but I can't help but worry. Every time I have chest pain I worry I am having a heart attack.

Can Low Ferritin be the culprit for all these symptoms?? :confused: I am just so tired of complaining all the time and feeling so crappy!
Yes, low ferritin *can* cause what you describe. The tricky part is that it's not going to cause the same symptoms in every individual.

For instance, I used to regularly walk 5 miles at a time. My friend and I together. It got to the point that I couldn't do the 5 miles. I dropped it to 3 miles. Then to 1 mile. I was walking by myself. I would get slightly "off balance" everytime I exercised. Sometimes I'd get nausea. I finally quit exercising. It took me YEARS to figure out that my ferritin was low and I was also mildy anemic. My ferritin was at a 5 when I figured it out. I don't know what it was during all the years of exercise intolerance (I do know I was not anemic). Now, my friend (the one I walked with all those years) started not feeling right. Yet, her activities were never impacted. She didn't feel good but still walked 5-7 miles a few times a week, washed 3 of her cars every Friday night, and cleans her house like a madwoman. She found out her ferritin was at a 3!!! It never impacted her ability to work out but she didn't feel well.

My long and winding point is that everyone is an individual. I probably felt GREAT when my ferritin got back up to a 13 but you obviously don't and neither do many others. I think if I tried, at a ferritin of 13, to do what you are doing, I would feel awful. My ferritin is now at 35 and I am able to walk and actually do some running. Most of my issues now are due to deconditioning from having the undiagnosed anemia/low ferritin for TOO many years.

I think the iron is a good idea however you need to check your dosage. If you are taking liquid iron (I am *assuming* it is Floradix but maybe not), well, that is VERY low dose and it could take you a long time to get your numbers up. You might need to take a higher iron dosage.

Also, my friend was told that too much exercise causes your iron to decrease and this was most probably her cause. She backed off all her activities, increased her iron and her ferritin shot up quickly. Your exercise habits could be the culprit.
Thanks for responding - I do wonder if exercise could be the culprit.

I also wonder if low ferritin can actually cause anxiety symptoms. I find that as soon as I have any sort of symptom I can't quit thinking the worst and dwelling on it. I have never considered myself and anxious person, but all these issues make me stressed and anxious.
I also have anxiety and anemia. My ferritin is lower than yours-7. However, I have had anxiety for years and also been chronically anemic too. (So, hard to say when it began to correlate it to anemia.)

I will say this however, the more you have symptoms that deal with breathing-to me, the more likely you will have anxiety symptoms as it is scary and not something younger people are accustomed to dealing with. When I was having breathing problems, I would worry. It caused a tightness in my chest, which made me less able to breath normally. Which made me worry more. Etc. It is a cycle. Once I decided that it was my anxiety and not something else, I calmed down a bit, and my incidence of breathing problems has lessened. (Even without having my anemia or ferritin fully resolved.)

I would treat your anxiety as seriously as any other ailment. Find out how to deal with that and you will have less of it. I talk myself mentally out of it. I say, "the more you think about it and freak out, the harder it will be to breath-so cut it out!"

P.S. Years ago, when I didn't know what anxiety was, I got my first panic attack which ended in me being picked up off of the ground by a paramedic as I had passed out-taken to an ER for heart tests and given a look by the paramedics and medical staff that I was wasting their time. They seemed even angered by me insisting that it was my heart and not nothing. Nowadays, medical staff is more educated I think in terms of what it feels like to a patient when they are having a panic attack-it feels like a heart attack. So, like don't look at me like I am a drama queen!:)
Wow, this is totally me, although I am kinda *hoping* for a heart attack so at least there's something to 'see' or 'diagnose' ;)

I posted earlier today on the anxiety board here. I was feeling awful after the birth of my second child seven months ago. Was anemic during the pregnancy. Hemoglobin was 8.4... But of course, they didnt even tell me about it in the hospital in spite of me feeling AWFUL... Two months after my son was born, I went to an endo thinking it wa sprobably hormone related because as well as shaking, chest tension, neck tension, ringing in ears, INSOMNIA, and others, I also had/have MAJOR hair loss. SHe found my ferritin to be a 1. I have had it tested twice since then and it was a 12 and now it is at 16. I have been to like six other docs trying to get a diagnosis for these symptoms. They all tell me it's anxiety but I am on zoloft. SO how can it be anxiety? ANyway, I am planning on upping my zoloft to 100 (with the docs approval) because my last panic attack sent me to the ER two nights ago where of course, noting out of the ordinary was found.

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