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I also have anxiety and anemia. My ferritin is lower than yours-7. However, I have had anxiety for years and also been chronically anemic too. (So, hard to say when it began to correlate it to anemia.)

I will say this however, the more you have symptoms that deal with breathing-to me, the more likely you will have anxiety symptoms as it is scary and not something younger people are accustomed to dealing with. When I was having breathing problems, I would worry. It caused a tightness in my chest, which made me less able to breath normally. Which made me worry more. Etc. It is a cycle. Once I decided that it was my anxiety and not something else, I calmed down a bit, and my incidence of breathing problems has lessened. (Even without having my anemia or ferritin fully resolved.)

I would treat your anxiety as seriously as any other ailment. Find out how to deal with that and you will have less of it. I talk myself mentally out of it. I say, "the more you think about it and freak out, the harder it will be to breath-so cut it out!"

P.S. Years ago, when I didn't know what anxiety was, I got my first panic attack which ended in me being picked up off of the ground by a paramedic as I had passed out-taken to an ER for heart tests and given a look by the paramedics and medical staff that I was wasting their time. They seemed even angered by me insisting that it was my heart and not nothing. Nowadays, medical staff is more educated I think in terms of what it feels like to a patient when they are having a panic attack-it feels like a heart attack. So, like don't look at me like I am a drama queen!:)

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