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Dark Stranger--Yes, you can have IDA and eat iron, most people do. There is iron in almost everything, most people have a variety of foods in their diet and if you are not taking in enough there is a problem, especially if your diet is a moderately healthy one. When the rate of iron loss exceeds the amount of iron absorbed the iron stores (Ferritin) are used up resulting in anemia.

Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is the most common type of anemia and it has many reasons. This is most commonly due to blood loss, through heavy periods in women and/or blood loss through the GI tract. Malabsoprtion syndromes, some medications and AI diseases can also be responsible. Sometimes there can be more than one reason why people become anemic.

I ate iron, but not from the heme form (red meat source) which is easily absorbed. I did eat chicken occasionally. I also drank tea (with meals), which has tannins that inhibit absorption of iron or I sometimes drank red wine with my meals. Calcium also inhibits iron i.e., when adding milk to cereals. This in no way wipes out ALL iron but does inhibit iron absorption. I also take PPI's (that reduce stomach acid) impairing iron due to long term use, again, this does NOT impair ALL absorption, just to a lesser degree. These are examples so that you can see how iron can be changed from high intake to less intake.

I would suggest blood testing to find out for sure quick and simple. When anemia is suspected your doctor should run a standard CBC complete blood count, Ferritin, iron panel, B-12 and Folate to DX anemia.

Only the CBC is necessary to make a diagnosis, but the others will need done if anemia is present. Good luck on your search. I hope you find answers to your problems. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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