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I think it's hard work getting the hair growing again and to not shed abnormally. I think hair is also one of the last things to improve. I'm happy with my improvement, but i'm not celebrating just incase it starts shedding all over again. It stopped shedding for a whole month from mid december 07 to mid january 08, then resumed shedding. I have no idea what that was all about. I did later think it could possibly be linked to the fact i raised my iodine as it was very low. That was the only change i had made. Then later i was found to be low in iodine again and tests showed that i absorb the iodine, but i dont seem to be able to retain it so now i'm on iodine drops again.

With your results i don't understand your lab results/ranges as they are different to what i've ever gotten from our labs here. I think different countries or different labs use different ranges. I do know somebody posted their results over on the thyroid board and one of the ladies, who we all feel is an expert, said the lab ranges being used by that particular lab were out of date by about 5 years. Unless FLFLOWERGIRL can decipher your results, you may want to post them on the thyroid board along with your symptoms and get some help to figure things out.

Even your antibodies results are different to mine. On mine i would get a results eg: Anti Thyroid Peroxidase 1,300 and then next to it where i should be eg: <60 u/L . On yours i'm not sure how it works. Does the <20 mean yours was below 20 and that you didn't have any antibodies?

I can see all your results are "within range", but that doesn't mean a thing. There is usually an optimum place were you ought to be and if you aren't then that can cause sideffects, even if you are just a bit out.

With your TSH, i can see you are definitely moving around. That used to happen to me. One blood test i was close to 4, then next one i was down to 1.01 and other times i'd be 2. something. You would think your doctor would look at all your TSH's and your symptoms, plus family history.

If i were you i would post your results on the thyroid board to get a few more ideas. I would also religiously keep up with the iron supplements. Are you taking a higher dosage supplement? It also helps to take 500mg of Lysine which helps increase the blood levels of ferretin.

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