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Hi littlebunnyfoo - sorry to hear about your iron dilema, but i did the same thing as you did. In february i was told my ferretin had gone up and as it was up the highest it had ever been i thought it was fine to slacken off and only take it 3 or 4 times per week, sometimes maybe less. My next blood test showed my ferretin had dropped. It took me nearly 3 months to get back the little i had lost. It's not worth stopping the iron supplements and i have learnt my lesson now. Like FLFLOWERGIRL, i'd say i'm "married" to my iron supplements now :)

If you have had ALL those tests and they found nothing, there has to be something wrong. Nobody finds it hard to raise their iron unless something is wrong.

Do you eat meat?

Have you had your vitamin D, zinc, folate, iodine, B12 checked out?

As for the thyroid, did your doctor say it was fine or do YOU really know it's fine? I was told my thyroid results were fine by my gp and twice by and Endo. I spent 7 years thinking my thyroid was "fine", losing hair, messed up mestrual cycles which were getting heavier. All these are Hypo signs. I believed the doctors as those thyroid symptoms lists mentioned cold hands and feet and i dont have that, they also mentioned weight gain and i didn't experience that (unless you want to count 3 kg's, which happened over a number of years). There were other things on the list which i didn't have, but this illness is so varied and affects all of us in so many different ways.

If your doctor has tested your TSH, T3 and T4 you should post them either here or thyroid board might be better. In addition to those tests your doctor should check your thyroid antibodies. Nobody bothered checking my antibodies and they were sky high. I was fortunate to find the Trichologist who helped my anemia and hair loss issues and he was better versed in thyroid issues and tests than my previous gp or the Endo!!!

Have you been checked out for PCOS as i believe that can cause higher blood loss and hair issues.

I know it can be difficult coming to the board regularly and it can get you down, but on the other hand you cant afford to give up either as higher iron levels are not only healthy for our hair, but for so many areas of our body. I didn't know how important it was for the thyroid too, whether you have a thyroid condition or not. Also long term low ferretin does stuff up the thyroid system, even more reason to boost those iron levels as you dont want to end up with thyroid issues if you dont have them right now.

Take care and dont stress, an answer has to be found :)

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