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Is it possible to get iron overload if you keep taking iron supplement for a long time to raise your ferritin, while your serum iron level is within the range or even high?


As littlebunnyfoo said, your serum iron will be falsely high while you are taking supplements; however, if your ferritin continues to be low then you cannot overload.
peace4health--When taking supplements on a long term basis or in high doses you are at a greater risk for what is known as acquired iron overload.

As Littlebunny and Christine said, you will NOT overload with a low ferritin. It is almost impossible for people that already have a problem with iron to get too much. The rule is to keep your Sat% under 45% and Ferritin under 200. I think that it is key to keep the Saturation at healthy levels no matter what the ferritin is reading, high Sat leads to overload. A normal Iron Sat % is 25-35%. I was at 6% when DX'ed now I am at 30% so this is something that I do watch closely. You can have a high Sat and low ferritin. I pay close attention to this no matter what the other numbers read.

I was concerned too because my doctor has told me I am on iron supplements forever, due to the fact that (thyroid, PPI's), I do not absorb well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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