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peace4health--When taking supplements on a long term basis or in high doses you are at a greater risk for what is known as acquired iron overload.

As Littlebunny and Christine said, you will NOT overload with a low ferritin. It is almost impossible for people that already have a problem with iron to get too much. The rule is to keep your Sat% under 45% and Ferritin under 200. I think that it is key to keep the Saturation at healthy levels no matter what the ferritin is reading, high Sat leads to overload. A normal Iron Sat % is 25-35%. I was at 6% when DX'ed now I am at 30% so this is something that I do watch closely. You can have a high Sat and low ferritin. I pay close attention to this no matter what the other numbers read.

I was concerned too because my doctor has told me I am on iron supplements forever, due to the fact that (thyroid, PPI's), I do not absorb well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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