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First, I have a great physician but something is falling through the cracks when it is coming to communication with my anemia. I do have panic attacks and I feel he is trying to do rule outs so not to upset me. I am getting upset from the unknown.

I do have a thyroid disease. For the last three months, I have had my blood work done. For the last two weeks, I have more blood work completed.

My Ferritin level is (2). My Hemoglobin is 9, my hematocrit is 29. My MCV is 78 with my MCH at 24. My red blood cell count is (3) and my white blood cell count is (3). My RDW is high at (15.4). After taking iron medication, my thyroid is now becoming high.

With these levels, can anyone aid me by telling me what could be occuring?

I had gastric bypass five years ago almost. I have maintained weight loss but recently have been retaining water although I take lasex. I am exhausted but try to keep on the go. I do eat well and eat green vegetables, etc. but my body will not absorb the iron.

Thanks for any suggestions as to what could be the issue.
--I think you have severe anemia. Your Ferritin is too low, but don't be afraid for that. Mine was nearly 2 in mid April, but i had it up to 9,5 in a matter of 2 months. This is still very low, so i continue taking my iron supplement.

Hematocrit at 21 requires blood transfusion. I think you should take quick steps to stop it from decreasing, and to help your body increase all your mentioned levels.

Have you stopped taking iron? If so, I believe you do need to get back to it. I was/am taking Floradix tablets, which is plant-base and it has other elements which help iron absorption. Anyway, I hope you'll find the iron that fits you best.

Your MCV & Hemoglobin are also low. I do believe you need to do something as soon as possible. I don't want to scare you, there are people with worse results, and you're not on the edge.

I hope you'll get much more information from others here. Don't fear, please, just act.

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