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Yes, you have what is considered ~Moderate~ Anemia due to your GB. Have you had your b-12 and Folate tested? Many people also end up here and are not on B-12 shots either. You can have a deficiency in both which is quite common leading to anemia for 2 different reasons. You have a storage of iron (ferritin) and B-12 both, but it can take 2-5 years to run out. Many people get along well for years after BP and then when there is a problem and they don't understand why. It is a complete malabsorption or impaired absorption the whole time happening, since the time of SX. When you run out of iron as Christine said, you will see a Hematologist to receive IV iron therapy to fill the iron stores and B-12 shots. If you are still in contact with your Bariatric doc you should call them. It can take weeks to see a Hematologist so I would call someone ASAP. My doctor told me that when your Hgb falls below 7, this is when you need a blood transfusion. I had a 2 ferritin and 8.5 hgb last year. You will be fine but you have to get iron and B-12. Panic is very typical of anemia, most of us have had this. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Your Ferritin is below range at 6. My Hematologist told me that when it is below range it means there is no iron left in storage. Ferritin is stored in the bone marrow and organs. My GI doc said, when the ferritin runs out that you begin to pull iron from the organs. I am unclear on how this process works or what happens when. This is just what I was told. There are 3 stages of ID--you are here, Stage 2 of iron deficiency is; 2.) iron stores are exhausted w/no anemia.

Your Hct is borderline and Hgb is low normal I would say. These numbers will pop back up when you begin supplements. You are not anemic at this point, which is good. Your MVC looks to be low normal as well.

As far as the B-12 goes you are normal of course, but I would build this up to the top of the range. Your right, things could be a lot worse. The only number that would concern me now is the Ferritin. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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