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There is a reason for low iron that has to be determined. Your doctor is ruling out things that may be using up your iron. The common reason for lower iron in females is usually due to heavy periods. Colonoscopy, Endo, Small bowel are all (standard) and done to R/O reasons.

A normal ferritin level is 10-232 (this is the iron storage), different labs have different ranges. Normal would be in range, although, a healthy level is 70-100.

Iron Serum level range is 40-170 which is the circulating iron in the blood. This changes be eating meals and taking supplements. It is not a good indicator of how much iron you have in your body for use, the Ferritin is used for that measurement.

annierules--No, don't get worried if you can help it. Do you take PPI's like Nexium or have a thyroid problem? I stopped most of my blood loss due to heavy periods and I still have a difficult time raising my ferritin. This is not uncommon either. Many of us are trying to raise our feritin. My Ferritin went down to 2 and I had to have the same tests as you. Different things that are not so bad can cause impaired absorption of iron as well. I am wondering what test it is that your doctor wants, if you have already had a colonoscopy? Is it the small bowel? This is usually the last place they look. At least that has been my experience. It could be your diet if you are not eating much. That would be easy to correct by eating red meat 3X weekly. A multivitamin helps rebuilding red blood cells. Are you on iron supplements yet? FLFLOWERGIRL:)
I do take thyroid medication and have just recently started on Prilosec. My mom was diagnosed on a Thursday and died 2 1/1 weeks later. She was at home and my sisters and I took care of her. She was the main caregiver for my dad, so we now have stepped into that role also. I guess I am telling you this, because the stomach distress I am feeling I think is because of the stress, so that is why I was put on Prilosec.
I think it is the small bowel that he wants to test with the camera you swallow with a pill. I will start iron supplements as soon as I do the hemocult test. He has tested once for blood in the stool before, but he wants to do it one more time. Then I will find a good supplement also. Thank you so much for being so nice to take the time to chat with me. It is nice to hear someone else has kinda gone down this road and nothing serious has come out of it. I think having my mom pass away so recently has also got me nervous and on top of all the rest I am an insulin dependent diabetic, but have tried very hard to keep my sugars in control and take care of myself.
annierules--I am so very sorry for your loss. I understand your concern. I'm sure this is most of your stomach problem. The small bowel testing is a good test to have. So, in this case the PPI that you are on is NOT your problem because you haven't been on it long term. Try not to worry about it, although we all do when this type of thing comes up. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Many of us have experiences to share. Keep us posted on your results. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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