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Thanks Webdiva, my Trichologist tested my iodine last year and found me to be deficient and i took a course of liquid iodine and a couple of months or so after that is when i noticed my shedding had stopped for an entire month. After that my shedding began again and my iodine was not looked at and i didn't notice the link till much later. By that stage i was found to have Hashimoto's and my new doctor retested my iodine and found me to be low again. He had me do a 24hr iodine load test and the lab determine how much iodine i was losing in a 24hr period.

Now i'm on one drop of iodine per day and i'm on thyroid meds too. I'm still taking Ferro-Grad C for my iron, which is now up to 78. I lose some hair each time i wash it, but i feel i'm losing more 'normal' amounts of hair as opposed to scary amounts. I've also noticed my menstrual cycles appear to be self correcting. My overall health is so much better now.

Not sure which supplements/meds have helped what, but i'd say lifting my iron and correcting my adrenals and my thyroid has been a big help. I don't doubt that the iodine was a big help too as was correcting my low vitamin D and the addition of selenium to my daily supplements.

I wouldn't go self supplementing with iodine or selenium without having tests done first to determine deficiency as too much of certain supplements can cause problems too.
Hi Webdiva - yes, my doctor has told me already that lack of iodine can lead to thyroid problems. I will definitely look up the information regarding the iodine as i find that very interesting.

Good to hear your shedding has minimised. It's always a relief to see less and less hair loss. I was worried i would lose the lot at one point. I do wonder at times whether my hair will ever return to it's old self. At least the shedding is reasonable for me now. Wish i'd had the medical help back in 2001 which i have now. Oh well, better late than never i guess :)

Thanks again for the information/links. I've been in the middle of house moving so haven't had time to get on my computer much. Will check it out once things have settled.
i never counted how many hairs i shed. I would dry my hair over the bathtub, which is white, and i'd see how much hair was lost. I just knew as soon as i began shedding back in January 2000 that something wasn't right. I had never recalled losing that amount of hair. I thought it was simply a one off thing and that i was having a big seasonal mault, but it continued year in, year out, until i noticed my once long hair was really thinned out at the ends. Others then began commenting so i knew it wasn't my imagination.

When i'd comb my hair after washing there would be so much hair in the bath tub, so much on my comb and handfulls would come out and end up in my bin.

Now that it's slowed, i think i might be losing 20 - 30 hairs per wash and i've had a tonne of regrowth.

I believe it's stopped shedding massively due to me addressing a lot of the issues i once had. I should have been medicated for my thyroid back in 2000, but wasn't until 2008. I've boosted me ferretin up to 78 from 8 (that took 2 and a half years), i've found out i was iodine and vitamin D deficient. I found out i wasn't absorbing protein due to inability to digest protein foods. Now i'm on digestive enzymes and i think they are helping.

My luck turned around when i visited a Trichologist who helped with my iron and discovered my Hashimoto's thyroid condition and then sent me to another good doctor who did all the rest.

I still get scared and think it will begin shedding big time again. I'm waiting to see what happens around Christmas and into January as that used to be when i'd shed the most as that's our summer time here. Even though i'd shed all year round, it was lessen during July (our coldest month) and be at its worse in January (our hotest month). Not sure what the hot/cold has to do with hair loss.

Going back to how much loss......... as i said, i never count the hairs. I know a lot of people do that and i feel that simply leads to further anxiety. I simply put the hair loss into 2 categories. 'A lot' and 'normal'.

What stage are you up to with your health/hair? Wishing you all the best :)
thank you for your reply... i am told i have a problem with my ferritin... as well as my vitamin D. i've been put on 50,000 IU of vitamin D and iron and will have another test in 2 weeks. on my own i've been taking yellow dock.

my hair was shedding the past 2 years sometimes more, sometimes less. of course the doctor said it was stress, but i'm sure that was contributing to it tho not the entire culprit... i was in the middle of a seperation, a move and change in jobs so severe stress... the stress itself has since gone WAY down thankfully... but the hair kept shedding. i've have a million blood, urine and saliva tests all which come up normal with the exception of the ferritin and vitamin d. still i would lose hair and feel super tired all the time. the only medicine i was on the the pill... mind you i have been on it for 9 years... so they took me off. i knew i'd shed more ((the last time i tried to go off it i shed, freaked out and went back on)) but they told me i really should ride it out this time... after reading so many ppl's problems with the pill, i think they're right and no matter how depressed i feel about my hair i'm sticking to it. and i was way way down in the dumps over this!!! i'd cry and stay in my bed and not do a thing... feel sick... and ugly. then i realized that two years have gone by and i don't wanna waste my beautiful, healthy life over this. so i just accepted this for now, i sometimes feel paranoid and will wear a hat or something ((even tho everyone says i look fine still, i notice and i hate it))... but nevertheless i accepted it. i also wanna note i've had four... yes count that FOUR scalp biopsies... and they've ruled out lupus, inflamation and androgenic alopecia. plus no one in my whole family is bald or even balding... and my testosterone wasn't high. so.... here i am... shedding quite a bit since i'm in between month three and four since stopping the pill... sure it sucks and my hair is so thin... but i know there's nothing i can do. i truly believe it'll grow back, maybe not as great as before, but i know it will. i still have bad days that i cry and wonder what i did to deserve this... but i manage to get myself out of it. oh well...... i'm just trying to eat good, take my supplements, drink water and exercise. and i too don't count the amount of hairs because it makes me have more anxiety. but like you i know it was a horrible amount cause it was coming out in handfuls too =( it would make me sick! i can't even get my hopes up anymore because i'm too afraid... wish me luck...

thanks for your reply tho. take care!!! and i wish you continued success on your journey. hugs!
Thanks for all the great information about Yellowdock on this thread. I'm going to give it a try myself. My ferritin was 29 and I couldn't seem to sustain anything above 30 for one year. Last month I began taking 200 mg of iron and my ferritin managed to double! My hair is still shedding, not enough for others to notice, but I understand the sadness and frustration you feel, especially the "why me" part. But it's great to know that there's a community of folks who understand this tough experience.

How often does everyone have their blood tested? I'm a little concerned about iron overload.
littleopihi - i can totally understand where you are coming from and also know what it's like to go through that roller coaster of good days where you become a bit more positive, then you fall way down and get depressed and have a cry over it all. I also went through a seperation and had a lot of marital issues prior to my hair starting it's shedding. I at one time thought it was solely stress related.

When i visited the Endo, my antibodies were sky high, but unfortunately a lot of doctors do not believe in medicating if all other thyroid related results are not WAY out. I can only imagine how many people, like me, have been told at some point "you are fine, nothing wrong, your tests are fine" etc etc.

You are right about the pill. It might be a good drug for some, but a lot more young women are having pill and hair loss related issues. My doctor tried to put me on the pill to correct my cycles, but all i ended up with was a heap more side effects. In the end, the only thing which helped correct my cycles was getting my thyroid hormones and my adrenal hormones corrected.

All you can do is keep digging and researching. Keep a book of handy information you read or find for future reference. Start a list of tests you feel might help you get to the root of the problem. Keep looking for a good, informed and understanding doctor. Like WebDiva said, look for alternate doctors as they have been invaluable in many cases. It's pretty much the alternate doctors who have always ended up 'fixing' me, not traditional doctors unfortunately.

Sometimes it's good to let the tears out and have a good cry and it's ok to feel sorry for yourself, but only for a short time. Don't let it get out of hand. When you get depressed, force yourself to go out somewhere, anywhere. Either drive yourself, ride a bicycle or take a train or a bus and just get out of the house. You will be amazed how getting out and not staying in your room and crying can make a difference. It shows you that you truly are a strong person and you will conquer this issue.

You take care and know that most of us on here are in the same boat. Hoping things get better for you soon :)
chilekids2004 - loosing a section of eyebrown (especially the outter section) for no reason at all is a classic sign of having a thyroid problem. I don't know of it being connected to any other illness, i've only heard of the thyroid connection. Have you had a thorough thyroid test, by that i mean TSH, T3, T4 and Thryoid Antibodies?

The problem is that majority of doctors only test TSH and not the rest. Then you get doctors who might test the rest, but even if you are found to have high thyroid antibodies, yet your other things aren't "way out of range", they will refuse to medicate you and all the while you will continue to have symptoms and the major one is hair loss. I had this happen to me for 8 years until i finally found a doctor who knew his stuff.

I've also heard from people over on the thyroid board that doctors have said if your TSH moves up and down constantly you will keep shedding hair until the TSH stabilises. My TSH was alway going up and down and my T4 and T3 were low, but not big time low, yet they still affected my overall health.

Thyroid people also have low vitamin D and low ferretin in common. I had all of this as well as very low iodine. Once i began supplemenint all these things (under doctor's supervision) and my thyroid received treatment, i've noticed i still shed hair, but at what i would consider a 'normal' rate. I'm still monitoring it as i'm scared i'll go backwards and lose fistfulls of hair daily, but so far so good.

Over on the hair section of the healthboard there are a lot of people who feel their connection to hair loss has been due to going on/off birthcontrol pills. It only takes a minor hormonal disturbance to affect your hair growth cycle. It's a good idea to have testing done to see where your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are at, but then again, if you have one of those doctors who simply says "all is fine you are within range", that's not going to help. It's so beneficial to have a doctor who understands "ranges" and know where you are supposed to be at for iron, thyroid, hormones and anything else you have been tested for.

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