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I have litterally been eating at least 7 pounds of ice a day (this is the size of the bag I purchase at the store) for at least 4 years. I would tell my doctors this even my gastric bypass doctor who I adore and they would just laugh at me. All this time I have known it was the anemia but they were giving me the "your iron is borderline normal" but I have no clue if they were looking at the ferritin levels and the complete iron studies. It took going to the hospital for something else to finally get them to say "no wonder you are craving ice, your hemoglobin is only 5" was nice to get some validation FINALLY!!!

I drive everyone around me crazy. I do know sence I got the 3 units of blood recently I do not want to ice as much. Right before I went to the hospital sometimes I was eating 2 bags of ice a day (14 pounds!!)! I knew it was getting worse but how was I going to get a doctor to beleive me when in the past they told me it was OCD or mental and I should go to a behavioral about wanting to scream.

For me the craving is something that nothing else in the world will satisfy. It is not only the cold but the thirst factor (I am really thirsty at times) and also just the pure crunching. I don't even suck on the ice...I just chomp on it right out of the bag before it even melts. My mouth is literally watering just typing about it. Sometimes the cravings are so bad I cannot sleep at night or I don't want to go to work in teh morning becasue I just want to lay in bed and eat ice and read!! I have 3 chunks out of my teeth because of the ice chomping but i refuse to get them fixed before I am done or close to done with eating the ice otherwise I will have to do it all over again!

Eating ice is a form of PICA which is tied directly to being anemic. I don't think anyone knows why it is that way it just is from what I've been told.This is along the same lines as people that want to eat dirt and hair...just be glad it's only ice!!!

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