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[QUOTE=ChristineVA;3691835]You can take more than the one tablet of ferrous succinate. The dosage you are taking now (25 mg) is more for someone who has a healthy iron range and is just trying to maintain. You need far more to try to build your iron stores and elevate your hemoglobin.

Have you determined what is causing this? The body doesn't not "hold" iron for no reason. Your are losing blood (too much) from somewhere. If that is not corrected, then stopping iron supplements to see if it "holds" is kind of setting yourself up for failure.

I can understand why you might be frustrated with your regular doctor but many will not treat if you are within normal values and at 17 ferritin, you are normal by medical standards. I know that, here on this list, we KNOW that's not the whole story. But, I do think that your naturopath is also doing you a disservice by: 1) not getting to the root of the problem 2) not prescribing enough iron, and 3) thinking it is okay to stop to see if you "hold" the iron when the issue has not been resolved.

There is never no reason to have low iron. You just don't have that. Anemia and iron deficiency are a result of a problem.[/QUOTE]

Actually my ferritin level is 10.

I haven't been able to actually speak with either my doctor or my naturopath since I found out my ferritin went down to 10. This is because I always get the lab to send me my results in the mail (that's how I know my ferritin is 10 now). I have a doctor's appointment coming up on September 3.

So yes, I agree, I have to find out what is causing the low iron in the first place. I feel the worst I have ever felt. and the more ironic thing about this is that I am finally free of antidepressants after 10 years of being on them (went off in December 2007), so I felt like I was finally getting my life/health back. I am wondering if that is part of the problem with the low iron.....

has anyone else ever had any correlation with iron levels and antidepressants?


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